Location: Radovljica (Europe)
Location: Radovljica (Slovenia)

About Radovljica ...

Atop a pier above the Sava, the town development began in the thirteenth century, reaching its climax in the sixteenth century. The former design of the town, with administrative buildings on one side of the square and crafts and trade buildings on the other, can still be seen today. During the passage from the fifteenth to the sixteenth century, Radovljica’s walls featured as many as 16 defence towers and a moat.


The untouched nature, picturesque green valleys, sun-drenched fields and colourful meadows, lively mountain pastures and the high peaks of the Karavanke Range, the vast spruce forests of the Jelovica Plateau, not to mention the rich flora and fauna. Nature with its endless curiosities offers countless opportunities for relaxation and sports in the fresh air. The area between the high Karavanke Range with Mt. Begunjščica on the northern edge of Radol'ca and the wooded Jelovica Plateau on its southern side is occupied by the Lipnica Valley and the Sava Valley, as well as the hilly uplands and the Radovljica Plain.


Fun & sports

The diversity of the natural environment offers endless opportunities for recreational activities in the pristine surroundings: choose between cycling, hiking, horse riding, golfing, rafting on the Sava, and much more. If it's adrenalin-fuelled action you're after, there are opportunities to do a tandem skydive or roll down a grassy slope in a zorb.


History & culture

Castles, mansions, manors, churches, lavish urban architecture and rural folk art. The preserved technical heritage bears witness to the utilisation of natural resources and the diligence of the locals; the preserved architectural heritage is testament to their creativity and use of locally available materials.



The centuries-old tradition of the Slovene beekeepers can be tasted with authentic Slovene honey, mead, and sweet gingerbread. Prepare to be intrigued by the painted beehive panels from the past, the modern beekeeping methods of the present-day, or the autochthonous Carniolan honey bee. The rich beekeeping tradition of Radol'ca awaits your discovery in a variety of ways.


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