Location: Jesenice (Europe)
Location: Jesenice (Slovenia)

About Jesenice ...

The industrial town of Jesenice can be spotted from the road to Karavanke embedded between steep mountain slopes, and many have found it to be a town full of surprises and well worth visiting - largely due to the legacy of the iron and mining industries. The urban industrial scenes make an astonishing contrast to the mountains in full bloom above the town, and sports fans also love it because of the excellent hockey games played there. You can visit Stara Sava, a protected industrial area of the former ironworks settlement, and also learn about the history of the mining and iron making industries at the Upper Sava Valley Museum Jesenice, after that you may head off to the virgin-white plains of Golica with its fields of wild white daffodils. Na Golici is the most frequently broadcast folk melody, and was inspired by this very place.

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In May the slopes of western Karavanke are covered in white daffodils, called ključavnice by local people. They belong to family Narcissus, Latin name is Narcissus poeticus subsp. Radiflorus. Most of them grow on meadows among villages Plavški Rovt, Prihodi, Planina pod Golico to Javorniški Rovt. Word ključavnica originates from a fairytale: "Once upon a time God warned bees not to work and gather honey on Sundays and feast days. Bees did not obey him so God „locked“ the honey in daffodils. The sweet sap used to flow into the blossom but God created a small bump on the stalk below the blossom which prevented the sap from flowing into the blossom and bees can not sip it anymore."


Fun & sports

In the Municipality of Jesenice there is a remarkable choice for hiking in the Karavanke where you can enjoy stunning views of the Julian Alps and Mežakla with the Karavanke in the background.  The basic starting point is Jesenice, a town which is easily accessible by all means of transport. Individual trails start in villages in the direct vicinity of Jesenice: Planina pod Golico, Javorniški Rovt, Kočna, Blejska Dobrava. 


History & culture

In the Slovenian Alpine Museum the past and the future go hand in hand. A rich collection of items with diverse historical stories, rich photographic and archive material, and a comprehensive professional booklet give the visitor the chance to grasp the popularity and importance of the mountaineering activity in the Slovenian territory.



The Jesenice hockey club boats a long tradition and a great many National Championship titles. More than 160 games take place in the Podmežakla ice hall every year. Join the Red Steelers fans in their hot-tempered cheering!


Video: Steel and daffodils (jeklo in narcise)


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