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About Gorenjska region

At the northeastern corner of Slovenia, at this country’s frontiers with Italy and Austria, and where the Alps meet the Mediterranean, you can surely expect some interesting discoveries! Feel your heart beat fasters among mountains peaks, waterfalls and torrential streams, amidst the forests and the alpine meadows, in picturesque villages and ancient towns… in the embrace of stunningly beautiful scenery!


In Slovenia, when we talk of the Gorenjska region (Upper Carniola), we think of the Alps. The area of the Slovenian Alps is the juncture of three large mountain ranges and sub-alpine plateaus. It is criss-crossed with a number of well-marked climbing, hiking, panoramic and thematic trails.

History & Culture

The unique atmosphere and features of the old town centres, market boroughs and villages of historic - Gorenjska - are both charming and delightful. Here you will be transported back in time to the Late Medieval and Renaissance periods, into an era of craftsmen, guilds and burghers, thence through a succession of architectural styles that accompanied the industrial and economic development of the region.

Family friendly

For families with smaller children, holidays in Gorenjska can be full of stories of fairytale characters, laughter and cherished memories. There are a variety of events, programmes, workshops specifically aimed at the younger generation, while any exploration of the pristine nature of Slovenia's Alps makes for a truly unforgettable family experience.

What to see?

Slovenia's Alpine region boasts more than 90 protected areas and sites, the largest and single most important of which is the Triglav National Park. This is indeed a land of impressive peaks and waterfalls, picturesque gorges and canyons, serene lakes and vivacious rivers, as well as remarkable flora and fauna.

What to do?

If you love the great outdoors, you will simply fall in love with Alpine Slovenia! In addition to thousands of kilometres of mountaineering and hiking trails, as well as cycle routes through the forests and meadows, there are numerous rivers and lakes providing opportunities for relaxation or an adrenaline rush, further to which the snow-covered slopes of small yet well-tended winter resorts are much beloved by alpine ski champions.


Destination suggestions

Top 3 destinations
Nova Gorica
Triglav National Park