Location: Ribnica (Europe)
Location: Ribnica (Slovenia)

About Ribnica...

The Municipality of Ribnica lies between the Mala gora and Velika gora mountain ridges. The seat of the Municipality of Ribnica was first mentioned in the 13th century. The clergy had already established a quality educational system here in the 14th century, a system that would be famous later in the 19th century for having educated France Prešeren. The large forest cover, small amounts of arable land and long winters made survival difficult, so sources of income like handicrafts were very important, particularly pottery and woodworking. The latter craft is known worldwide from this region.
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In the middle of the Ribniško Plain, between the slopes of Mala and Velika gora, and along the Bistrica River, there lies the lovely and inviting Ribniška Valley.


Fun & sports

Dolenjska is practically made for various forms of outdoor recreation, since it is less congested and has just the right dynamic for cycling. Because it is so soothingly forested, is ideal for hiking.


History & culture

In the middle of the valley, in all its glittering, there lies Ribnica, one of the oldest Slovenian towns, enriched by Plečnik’s parish church steeples, Miklova house, a library and a craft center with a gallery and a museum. 



The rich heritage of Ribnica can be seen in numerous legends and cultural, ethnographic and tourist events. Here are some of the most famous ones: the Ribnica Fair (Ribniški sejem) of woodenware and pottery, the Carnival, St. Nicholas' Eve Party (Miklavževanje), live nativity scene. 



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