Location: Novo mesto (Europe)
Location: Novo mesto (Slovenia)

About Novo Mesto...

The most beautiful inland city in Slovenia has been for centuries the centre of administrative, cultural, religious and business life in Dolenjska – and of a unique landscape in the south of the country.  Among vineyards in the shelter of the Krka valley, is a city concealing an amazing archaeological heritage. On its hillsides you can visit traditional events, picturesque churches, monasteries, museums and galleries.  Everything in the vicinity of Novo mesto, from mighty forests and thermal springs to varied  opportunities for outdoor activities make it a great destination.

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Novo mesto and its surroundings are marked by a diverse natural heritage. You will be enraptured by the vast forests of Gorjanci with their numerous hiking and bicycle trails, the green Krka River, which you can enjoy walking along the banks or boating on its smooth surface, the gigantic linden trees on winegrowing Trška gora, and the many other natural attractions of the area.


Fun & sports

You will find the stay in our town pleasant. You can select among a variety of viewpoints, pilgrimage trails, sports and other facilities and forests rich with walking paths, hunting possibilities, forest fruits for picking, and fishing. 


History & culture

Novo Mesto, the central town of the historic Lower Carniola region (Dolenjska), found its place by a pronounced meander of the resplendent beauty, the emerald-green River Krka. The town was established in 1365 by the Habsburg duke Rudolph IV. For centuries now, the skyline of the city core has been shaped by the belfries of the churches of St. Nicholas and St. Leonard, part of the Franciscan monastery.



Cviček is known among all the wines of Slovenia as the most authentic local wine. It is a product of the žametna črnina, or velvet black, a native Slovene grape that defines the basic wine characteristics of Cviček. The taste and drinkability of Cviček are enhanced by the blending in of the modra frankinja, kraljevina and laški rizling varieties.



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