Location: Velenje (Europe)
Location: Velenje (Slovenia)

About Velenje ...

Back in 1889 Velenje was a small market town with no more than 364 citizens, a figure which stands in total contrast to the present-day situation. Nowadays, spreading on a bit more than 83,000 square metres, Velenje is home to a good 34,000 Velenje citizens.

Moreover, Velenje is today one of the strongest economic centres in Slovenia. It is the city of large economic systems, equipped with modern infrastructure. Economic development is based on energy, metal-processing and construction industries. In addition, environmental-protection, craft and trade services have been experiencing solid development recently. Furthermore, Velenje is an employment, administrative and educational centre of a wider Savinjsko-Šaleška region.

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See the life that goes hand in hand with nature. Feel the beat of the world that still remains untouched. Let your step guide you through the soft mountain meadows, to the highest peaks of the Savinja-Kamnik Alps. From crystal clear wild waters, to calm and peaceful lakes. From panoramic views on top of mountains, to rich karst underground. Enjoy the inspiration of the green countryside life.


Fun & sports

Topolšica and Lom have a very diverse terrain and a special microclimate which is connected to thermal spring water and also to the past and present human management of this area. Because of this, this relatively small area provides excellent living conditions for a large variety of butterfly species. Are you tempted to check this out and to learn more about the butterflies?


History & culture

Remains found in the Šaleška dolina valley testify that the valley was already inhabited in prehistoric times. Remains of a settlement of prehistoric man have been found in the Mornova zijalka cave by Šoštanj and in the Špehovka cave by Huda Luknja, and prehistoric artefacts in Bevče and at Plešivec. The remains from the Roman era, however, indicate the presence of a Roman settlement in the area presently known as Šaleška dolina.



Velenje is certified UNICEF child-friendly city, age-friendly city and also is municipality which is tailor-made for people with all other disabilities. In the city are available parking spaces for the disabled persons, ramps in front of almost all buildings in the city and surrounding areas, and also the corresponding traffic signaling.



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