Location: Šentjur (Europe)
Location: Šentjur (Slovenia)

About Šentjur...

Municipality of Šentjur is one of the larger non-urban municipalities in Slovenia. It is part of the Styria Region which lies between the forests of Bohor and the vineyards of Dramlje, and between the former County of Žusem and ponds of Blagovna. Some of the history of this south-eastern part of Slovenia dates back to the New Stone Age.

Numerous museum collections reveal secrets from particular periods of history and the unspoilt nature invites visitors to relax, go for a walk, hike, fish, hunt, enjoy water sports, cycle … Here in Šentjur you can experience more of everything.  At the end of the day after activities and sightseeing you can enjoy excellently prepared, delicious food and drinks, at our inns and excursion farms.

Source: TIC Šentjur


Near Gorica pri Slivnici, by the road to Podčetrtek there is lake, Slivniško jezero with an area of 84 ha (0.3 square mile) or the Kozjansko Sea as it is jokingly called by many. The lake is 5 km (3 miles) long and half a kilometre (0.3 miles) wide. It was created in 1976 by damming the streams, Dobrina and Ločnica.


Fun & sports

This beautiful country offers adventures for everybody, even for the pickiest guests. We can offer you trips, tours or excursions based on our judgement. You can choose between hiking, biking and mountain trails that have themes and are marked or explore the beauty and attractions of our region by yourself. Those who love hunting and fishing can enjoy the rich fauna in the area. Numerous traditional events, camps and festivals lure visitors. For those who want to be pampered, the area also has a wellness centre.


History & culture

Rifnik is a prominent hill south of Šentjur. It dominates the landscape and its conical shape gives the Voglajna valley a particular appeal. It is therefore not surprising that Rifnik has been more or less continuously inhabited through all major historical periods. The Rifnik Archaeological Park is located on the site of the largest ‘Late Antique’ settlement in Slovenia.



The beatified Anton Martin Slomšek, the Ipavec family (Gustav, Benjamin and Josip), Blaž Kocen, Franjo Malgaj, Anna Wambrechtsamer and many others have left their mark on Slovenia as well as Central Europe.



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