Forest spring forest spring is one of the oldest springs of Rogaška Slatina and was mentioned in the first promotional booklet of the Health resort, in the year 1883. It was promoted as a spring with “iron water”. Up to the spring led a famous Path of sighs, the scene of uncountable romances...Access: at the foot of the hill Janina

Ivan's spring’s spring is still preserved and alive today. It is rich with iron. The time of its discovery is not known, but it is mentioned in different sources as early as 1821. It was named by Archduke John of Habsburg, a regular guest and sponsor of the Health resort in the first half of the 19th century. Access: in the near proximity of the Rogaška Riviera (behind the apartments of the Villa Golf).

Source: TIC Rogaška Slatina

Landscape park Bočč is with the height of 978 m / 3208.6 feet the highest peak of the Boč Mountains, which are geologically and geographically the most eastern part of Karavanke. Because of its uniqueness, diversity and a great deal of natural values, Boč and a wide area around it are protected as a landscape park.

It is marked by compact and quite preserved forests. A mix of grasslands and forests provide an incredibly diverse environment. Because of the exceptional natural heritage Boč and its surrounding area was at first by Slovene and later on also in European criteria recognised as a nature protected area, which has to be preserved. Its nature protected value was approved in the European measures by joining the European Union, because a great part of the area belongs to the European ecological network NATURA 2000.

Pavilion of cacti Pavilion of cacti in Cerovec below Boč is an admirable collection with over seven thousand different cacti and other succulents from all over the world. Inside the collection one can find many rare species which give it an even greater meaning.  As an interesting fact it is worth mentioning the oldest cactus Ariocarpus is over 60 year old, and the smallest cactus, Blossfeldia, which grow only to one centimetre / 0.4 inch in height and width. A special kind of  Dirty Old Man Cactus, which radiates triumph, Mother-In-Law’s Chair, blooms for the first time after 40 years.

There are many specialties – from the smallest to the biggest cactus, from knobbly to the most admired one. The collection is definitely worth seeing.

Source: TIC Rogaška Slatina

Fun fact: Donat Mg however, is a totally unique natural mineral water on account of its composition, which can be drunk and enjoyed throughout one's lifetime. All this because of exceptionally high mineralisation, even more than 13g of dissolved mineral substances can be found in each litre, out of which magnesium alone accounts for more than 1000 mg/l and calcium for around 350 mg/l. Donat Mg also contains many other elements and compounds which are beneficial to health.

Source: TIC Rogaška Slatina


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