Popular European Spa Resort unique composition of the natural mineral water Donat Mg is still today the main reason for Rogaška Slatina being a popular European Health Spa resort specialised for healing and easing chronicle gastrointestinal, metabolic (diabetes, elevated blood lipids, obesity), management and psychosomatic diseases for centuries.

Today Rogaška Slatina is much more than just a Health resort. It has involved into an attractive town, which knows how to combine 400 years of tradition with a modern sense of the present. You can choose between numerous hotels of the best quality of accommodation and catering services, and lately this offer has been expanded by a range of smaller private offers.

Source: TIC Rogaška Slatina

The Tradition of Glass Productionška Slatina offers relaxation, entertainment and health in a glass for centuries. Her rich legacy of the ancestors has stayed very well preserved through time. Not only at home, even beyond the borders is Rogaška Slatina known for an amazing quality of cut and engraved products made by hand by glass masters out of leaden crystal. In the glass factory Rogaška, the knowledge comes from almost 350 years of tradition from the areas of Trebuša, Pohorje and Kozjansko, when one could see the early glassworks.

In the glass factory Rogaška one can buy the products in the industrial shop. One can also join a guided group tour of the factory and the production of the unique products of glass masters, which are made by blowing the glass into different shapes.

Source: TIC Rogaška Slatina

Fun fact: Donat Mg - Some drink it for health, some for beauty and youth, others for thirst. Bubbly water springs have looked for attention already in times of Romans, so proves us the road in the immediate vicinity of Rogaška springs, which connected the two important Roman old cities Celeia and Petovia. Those who drank the water from Rogaška springs, soon found out, that after regular drinking they feel very good. So the reputation slowly spread.

Source: TIC Rogaška Slatina


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