Podčetrtek Castlečetrtek was named after Thursdays, when the market and justice days were held under the reign of the castle nobility.

The magnificent and picturesque castle stands on a hill above Podčetrtek. The original castle from the 13th century was given an extension in the 16th century by the Counts of Tattenbach. In the 18th century, it was renovated in the Baroque style by the Counts of Attems. The castle’s Renaissance ground plan with a characteristic inner courtyard still shows the original Romanic core. Unfortunately, the furnishings of the castle’s 70 halls were destroyed by the ravages of time and by thieves.

Source: Zavod Celeia Celje

Olimje Monastery the 11th century, the valley under Rudnica Mountain has been home to the Olimje Castle. This is where the Pavline friars from the Croatian Lepoglava settled in 1663 and next to it built a baroque church that contains one of the largest golden baroque altars in Slovenia. The church is devoted to the Assumption of Mary and was originally intended for pilgrims. In one of the castle towers, the Pauline friars arranged a pharmacy. In 1780, it was painted by Anton Lerchinger.

In 1782, emperor Joseph II dismissed the monastery and created a parish church. The Counts of Attems bought the buildings with land but had two wings of the monastery demolished due to high taxes. In 1990, the Minorit order moved into the monastery, and they are more than willing to show and explain the artistic and sacral wealth of the church and old pharmacy to visitors.

Source: Zavod Celeia Celje

Church of St. Emma pilgrimage Church of St. Emma is situated on a hill bearing the same name. Today’s church, which was built in 1717, is a successor of a church built in the 15th century. The church was renovated in 1835 and 1927 and is one of the most important buildings of the Baroque sacral architecture of this area.

The pilgrimage route of Emma runs through here and connects places that are directly connected with the life of St. Emma.

Source: Zavod Celeia Celje  

Museum of Vintage Farm Equipment

The interesting collection in Podčetrtek includes vintage farm tools and equipment that was used by farmers from Obsotelj in the near past. The owner of the museum spent almost a half of century collecting the exhibits.

Source: Zavod Celeia Celje

Fun fact: The Old Pharmacy – When the Pauline monks came to Olimje in 1663, they began studying the plant life methodically. One of their monastic rules prescribed that each monastery had to have a room for sick brethren. It was called "Infirmaria". Source: Minoristki samostan Olimje

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