Walking Trails the border across a footbridge: Terme Olimia – Podčetrtek – Podčetrtek Castle – Vebrov travnik – Gastrož – Aqualuna – passing a wooden footbridge (crossing outside the national border crossing) - Harina Zlaka – Bojačno – Sv. Martin – Špićak – Masnec Homestead – Sv. Ana – Luka Poljanska – Harina Zlaka (local border crossing Harina Zlaka – Podčetrtek) – Terme Olimia. Length: 19 km

From a church to a church: Terme Olimia – Podčetrtek – Church of the Virgin Mary on Sand – Imenska Gorca – hunter’s cottage – Sv. Križ – Imeno (border crossing at the Imeno – Miljana national border crossing), the Miljana Mansion – the Rafka staroveški pond – Sv. Ana – Masnec Homestead – Poljana sutlanska – Bratkovec (border crossing at Bratkovec – Zgornje Imeno) – Podčetrtek – Terme Olimia. Length: 22 km

To St. Emma (Sv. Ema): Terme Olimia – Sodna Vas – Sv. Ema – Vonarje – crossing past a dam of the future Lake Vonarsko (crossing outside the border crossing) – Harina Zlaka – crossing the border across a footbridge (crossing outside the border crossing) – Aqualuna – Terme Olimia. Length: 10 km

Source: Zavod Celeia Celje

Rudnica & Virštanj geological learning trail trail takes you around Olimje in the northern part of Kozjanski Park. Although the trail area is relatively small, it is extremely diverse and perfect for presenting the geological development and structure of Kozjanski Park. Visitors can take time to admire nature (the Olimje stream valley, Olimje's linden tree) and cultural heritage (Church of Mary's Assumption and Church of St. Andrej in Olimje, Olimje Monastery, Church of Virgin Mary in Pesek, Počivavšek's hayrack in Slake and archaeological site on the Rudnica). Visitors can enjoy the view on most of Kozjanski Park along the path. It is not demanding, every visitor with average physical abilities can take it. The footpath follows forest paths, cart tracks and some local roads with scarce traffic. Lenghth: 10 km information points: 21 Starting point: abandoned mine tunnel in Slake Duration: 4 to 6 hours, or 3 separate tours lasting 1-2 hours.


Pilgrimage Route of Emma pilgrimage route of Emma connects the places that are directly or indirectly connected with the life of St. Emma (before 995 – around 1045), who is also known as Ema Pilštanjska, Ema Krška, Princess Ema, Ema Breže - Selška, Countess Ema and Hemma in German speaking areas.

The route crosses Carinthia, Styria, Lower Carniola and Carniola and is connected with the route in Austria that has the same name (Hemma Pilgerweg).

Source: Zavod Celeia Celje

Cycling Trails the hills of Slovenia and Croatia: Terme Olimia – Podčetrtek – Olimje – Virštanj – Sela – Golobinjek – Prelasko – Sedlarjevo (minor local border crossing of Sedlarjevo – Plavić) – Plavić – Zagorska Sela – Ivanić Miljanski – Sv. Ivan – Miljana (major border crossing of Imeno – Miljana) – Imeno – Podčetrtek – Terme Olimia. Length: 29 km

Easily in the Valley of Health: Terme Olimia – Sodna Vas – Vonarje – crossing past a dam of the future Lake Vonarsko (crossing outside the border crossing) – Harina Zlaka – crossing the border across a footbridge (crossing outside the border crossing) – Aqualuna – Terme Olimia. Length: 6 km

Up and Down: Terme Olimia – Podčetrtek  Castle – Vebrovo – Juternik – Olimje – Zaborovec – Silovec – Gastrož – Aqualuna – crossing the border (across a footbridge) – Luka Poljanska – Masnec Homestead – Sv. Ana – Miljana – Sv. Ivan – Zagorska Sela – Plavić – Bratkovec (crossing the border at Bratkovec – Zgornje Imeno) – Imeno – Imenska Gorca – Church of the Virgin Mary on Sand – Podčetrtek – Terme Olimia. Length: 54 km

Bike Rental

Source: Zavod Celeia Celje

Jelenov Greben air balloon flight (4 persons) on Jelenov Greben. Ballooning is available year-round, starting an hour after sunrise and ending two hours before sunset. For ages 12 to 90.

In addition to ballooning, they also provide premises for the organisation of seminars, lectures, etc.:

Equipment: 60 seats/40 seats at tables, seats and tables can be arranged differently, platform for speakers and tables for seminar management, video projector, video recorder, slim flip board, universal visualizer, dispositive, stand and remote-controlled microphone, CD player, telephone line, photocopier.

Coffee, drinks, fruit and pastry from own bakery can be served in the meeting room.

Source: Zavod Celeia Celje

Fun fact: Iskra Ranch - Horseback riding in a field or a manege (for children and beginners). Horseback riding courses and the possibility of taking the Jahač1 and Jahač2 exams. Panoramic carriage rides on the wine tourism trail (VTC-10).


Fishing is widely practised in the Land of Celje and can be done at virtually any lake at your destination as well as in some rivers such as the Savinja in Celje.

Various types of fishing (night, day, release…) are available at Lake Šmartinsko near Celje, the Preserje ponds and Lake Braslovče, the man-made ponds at Dobrna, Gračnica stream and ponds at Marof in Laško, the Sotla River with Mestinjščica and the pond in Vonar in Podčetrtek. The Druškovič tourist pond, Žabnik pond in Rogatec and Jernejček pond in Slovenske Konjice provide the possibility of sport fishing. In Šentjur, you can go fishing in Lake Slivniško and the Voglajna River, and in Zreče, you can opt for Lake Zreče, the Stranice pond or the Steska pond in Žalec.

Road Train Hlapon Exploring the region with a tourist road train to Olimje, Rogaška Slatina and the wine tourist road. Possibility to hire the train for groups of up to 40 people. Information about the excursions is available at the reception of the Hotel Breza in Terme Olimia.

Source: Turizem Podčetrtek

Fun fact: The Aqualuna Thermal Park is a summer water entertainment area with 3,000 m² of water areas, attracting visitors with pools and facilities for excellent entertainment, pleasant socialising and relaxation. At the Aqualuna Thermal Park, you can enjoy a pleasant wave pool, exciting water slides, speed tracks and wild turns. Particularly attractive for families with children of all ages. Source: Zavod Celeia Celje

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