Location: Logar Valley (Europe)
Location: Logar Valley (Slovenia)

About Logar Valley ...

The forces of nature sculpted the Logar Valley deep within the heart of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps and surrounded it with mountains over 2000m high (Krofička, Ojstrica, Planjava, Brana, Turska gora, Rinke, etc.). Today’s picturesque appearance of the Logar Valley was created by a glacier during the last ice age.

The valley is 7km long and has an average width of 250m. It consists of three parts. Log and Plest feature beautiful meadows, while Kot is mostly covered in forests. The area beyond the green curtain of the forest reverberates with the magnificent roaring of the Rinka Falls. more

The beauty of the Logar Valley is reflected by the pristine state of the environment and the numerous natural features that are of great interest to nature lovers. The farms, which through centuries have shaped the cultural landscape, have also left their mark on the region. Harmony between man and nature is a value that is rarely found nowadays.   

Source: Krajinski park Logarska dolina


The Logar Valley Landscape Park is extremely abundant in various natural formations. Through time, the geological substratum, glacial activity and other external factors have sculpted numerous wonderful sights. The most beautiful among them is the Logar Valley itself with its extraordinary views of the mountain walls and glacially sculpted floor with alternating forests and meadows. The Logar Valley is known for its numerous waterfalls, one of which is Rinka Falls, one of the highest free-falling waterfalls in Slovenia.



Together with the Logar Valley, the Solčavsko region offers a variety of activities that bring you closer to the way of life and enrich the experience of this mountainous region. The programmes can be customised for private groups, families, individuals and couples. We offer tours, presentations, sports and recreation activities and entertainment.



Even as long ago as the beginning of the 20th century, the Logar Valley was known as a region boasting amazing views and an interesting place to visit. Photographs from various eras have been preserved that portray the development of the cultural landscape of the Logar Valley.



The Logar Valley is one of the most beautiful Alpine glacial valleys in Europe. It extends into the Kamnik-Savinja Alps from the north. A part of the Solčavsko region, tradition and nature have found harmony here, serving as a good example of sustainable development.



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