Location: Kozjanski Regional park (Europe)
Location: Kozjanski Regional park (Slovenia)

About Kozjanski Regional park

Kozjanski Park covers an area of 206 sq. km. It has the status of regional park and it is also the largest regional park in Slovenia. The boundaries of Kozjansko region are not precisely defined. The area south of the Voglajna river, west of the Sotla river, east of the Savinja river and north of the eastern part of the Posavje hills is known as Kozjansko region.
Kozjanski Park is bounded to the north by the Rudnica river, to the east by the Sotla river and to the south the boundary runs over Vetrnik and Orlica to the Senovsko and Bizeljsko hills. The area is marked by the transition from sub-Alpine forest covered hills to the Sotla’s plain. There are tertiary hills with vineyards between the plains of the Sotla valley and the eastern part of the Posavje hills.    more

According to the Law on Natural Protection, a regional park is an extensive area of typical ecosystems and landscape where a large part of the original nature has been preserved. Here, the human impact is significant but still in balance with nature. At least two protected areas have to be defined within the park. Protected areas with stricter protection policy are smaller and are defined on specific points. The Law on Natural Protection Act defines specific rules for managing the area of a regional park.
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The present landscape of the park consists of picturesque nature ambients and arranged traces of human creativity. The forests of Orlica, riparian vegetation along the waterways and the exceptional vegetation of high dry grasslands are the essential landscape elements of the protected area. With their persistence and creative power, people have imprinted typical features of land use in the area of today's park. The centuries of human activities have turned Kozjansko into a picturesque cultural landscape.


Fun & Sports

Kozjanski Park's ambition is to promote hiking and this is why we decided to set a single-concept network of footpaths all over the protected area. Beside the theme footpaths we also plan the footpaths around all major settlements in Kozjansko and the connections between them.


History & culture

Kozjanski Park was established in 1981 as Trebče Memorial Park (Law on Trebče Memorial Park, The Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia No.1/81). The area included the central and the eastern part of Kozjansko  region (along the Sotla river) and Bizeljsko hills on the southern part of Orlica. The main reason for establishing Kozjanski  Park originates from the historical heritage of this area. Marija Javeršek, mother of former Yugoslavian president Josip Broz - Tito, was born in Podsreda. Josip Broz spent a part of his childhood in Podsreda, and later, before and during the world war, he spent a lot of time with his aunt in Trebče.



Kozjanski Park joined the national project called Reviving of grassland orchards and fruit gardens in Slovenia in 1999. In 2000, we made a decision to conclude our year-long efforts with a celebration called the Kozjansko Apple Celebration. It was intended to be an opportunity for the protected area's inhabitants to present their knowledge and products.



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