Location: Dobrna (Europe)
Location: Dobrna (Slovenia)

About Dobrna...

The Dobrna municipality measures 32 km2 and has 2,164 inhabitants. Its largest settlement, the village Dobrna, lies 375 m above sea level while the highest lying part of the municipality is the Paški Kozjak mountain range and Štrukljev Peak with its 1227 m. The climate of Dobrna is very gentle as the region is closed off by the Paški Kozjak mountain range towards the north, which prevents the incursion of cold northern winds.
Tourism is the primary activity of the municipality, and its most recognized provider is the thermal spa resort Terme Dobrna. The extended surroundings of Dobrna with their pristine countryside are gradually being included in the tourism offer of the municipality, though agriculture and forestry are still going strong. The region is also developing well with regard to business and artisanal craft.
Source: TIC Dobrna  


The LAND OF CELJE is unique, full of forests, fields and pastures, and the roads winding past fields lead you through pleasant small towns with paved streets and modern urban areas in large towns.


Fun & sports

Whether you’ve arrived at the Land of Celje by bike or have decided to explore it by bike, the LAND OF CELJE will fascinate you with its beauty and preserved nature. The destination has many great cycling and walking routes, horseback riding centres and golf courses.


History & culture

The Valley of the Mills, the authentic “black” kitchen, Ledenica Cave, waterfall Drenovec, and Gutenik Manor, ostrich farm in the valley beneath St. Nicholas church, a collection of cultural heritage items at Terme Dobrna - "Polenek's Ethnology Collection", a high rock - "Koška ura" clock, Kneipp’s pool, Ana’s Trail and you will certainly not be disappointed if you heed their advice and go to the Dobrna Thermal Spa, one of the oldest thermal health resorts in Slovenia.



The Dobrna thermal spa is a modern and dynamic health-tourism resort. Its famous tradition dates back to the 15th century, and the pleasant climate and beautiful nature, great service, attentive care and good entertainment have attracted satisfied guests from all over the world for a very long time now.



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