Location: Ljutomer (Europe)
Location: Ljutomer (Slovenia)

About Ljutomer ...

Prlekija is placed in the north-eastern part of Slovenija, on the right bank of the river Mura.

Prlekija is full of wonderful contrasts and a hospitable mother of inhabitants who are famous for their dialect and attachment to their home. They are imaginative and they like making fun of themselves, and even more of their neighbours. They are hard-working, industrious, conscientious, and honest. All this is reflected in the coats-of-arms of the villages. They are unparalleled; they are parti-coloured and mysterious at the same time. They explain many characteristics and peculiarities of the village and its people and remain a folk tradition among people.

Visit us and you will be surprised at the honest hospitality, excellent wines and food.

Source: LTO Prlekija Ljutomer


To the south of Mursko polje there are many low, softly round – shaped hills, which seldom reach more than 300 m height above sea level (Gomila 351., Jeruzalem 341m). Deeply cut ravines and little valleys, closed on one side, create a variegation of surface formation and favourable microclimate conditions.


Fun & sports

The rolling hills of Jeruzalem simply beckon to cyclists who are physically fit. This route is a unique cycling challenge, which rewards cyclists with a view of picturesque winegrowing hills, a three hundred year old avenue and the sound of the wind rattle (Slovene: klopotec) rattling in the wind.


History & culture

The General Museum Collection Ljutomer was opened in 1996. It was established following  the restructuring of the Museum of the National Liberation War (NOB) which had been founded in the year  1954.

The concept of the collection is based on the archival collection of the museum and is supplemented from archival sources and collections of other institutions and individuals.



Pumpkin oil from the oil mill Središče ob Dravi offers you unlimited culinary pleasures with its unique taste. Visit us, try it and you will experience its tempting, fresh smell.  We produce pumpkin oil throughout the year and with little luck you can see the production yourself.



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