Fabiani’s Path’s Path is a network of walking trails between Štanjel and Kobdilj. At the marked points, you can admire the works of the great architect.

Source: TIC Štanjel

Following the traces of the Isonzo front

altThe First World War strongly marked the lower Karst area. Today, the karst paths of peace are a reminder and a warning of those tragic events, but at the same time they represent numerous recreational opportunities in an unspoiled nature. From Pliskovica the route leads us to Sveto, where you can visit the great church of Sv. Tilen.

The next step is Lipa, where you can park your car and walk up the Trstelj Mount, from where you can enjoy a breathtaking view over the valley of Vipava, the Karst Plateau and the Gulf of Trieste. The excursion continues to Cerje, where there is a monument to the defenders of the Slovenian land, to then carry on along the karst picturesque trails that wind through the dry-stone walls, through Gorjansko to Volčji Grad, a jewel of the karst architecture. Do not miss enjoying a pleasant stay in the karstic taverns, to taste the traditional specialties of this land.

Description: Pliskovica – Komen – Sveto – Škrbina – Lipa – Temnica – Trstelj – Temnica – Kostanjevica – Lokvica – Monument in Cerje – Opatje selo – Hudi Log – Korita – Sela na Krasu – Brestovica – Gorjansko – Brje pri Komnu – Kregolišče – Volčji grad – Komen

Length of itinerary: 50 km

Approximate time: about 1h

Source: Kras

Circular cycling route of the southern Karst

altThe course is dedicated to nature lovers and it reaches all the major peaks of the southern Karst, from Lukovec, where according to legend, two giants built two huge piles of stone by throwing stones at each other, to Trstelj, passing by the monument to the defenders of Slovenian territory in Cerje. Go down the valley of Brestovica along the mule tracks, and then continue to Gorjansko and Debela Griža, one of the main prehistoric settlements in Slovenia. End the trip by passing through Pliskovica to then finish in Štanjel.

Description: Štanjel – Kobjeglava – Lukovec – Grižniki – Rubije – Škrbina – Lipa – Temnica – Trstelj – pod Stolovcem in Vrtovko – pod Velikim vrhom in Fajtovim hribom – mimo Cerja – Lokvica – Hudi Log – Korita na Krasu – Sela na Krasu – Brestovica – Gorjansko – Nadrožica – Volčji Grad – Kregolišče – Veliki Dol – Pliskovica – Kosovelje – Kobjeglava – Štanjel

Length: 72 km

Altitude: 1040 m

Source: Kras

Fun fact: Activities - The pleasant and undemanding riding on the slightly undulating plateau world can be varied with more difficult ascents to the peaks at the edge of the plateau. Due to the mild climate not far from the sea, cycling is possible in all seasons but is most beautiful in spring and autumn. This region will draw cyclists who desire a safe and diverse landscape away from busy roads and enjoy dirt roads and tracks along with asphalt roads.

Source: Lipica


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