The Regio Carsica Militaris: Virtual Exhibition

The exhibition is displayed in four rooms and takes the visitors thematically from the oldest period of the ancient times and Middle Ages, all the way to modern history. By using the Latin form, Regio Carsica Militaris, we wish to emphasize the timelessness of numerous military activities in one of the most strategically important regions in Europe.

The exhibition or the museum collection also includes several showcases containing various exhibits and models of the Roman prison tower and the Šilentabor Castle. The most interesting is probably the large (1:150) model of the former medieval fort on the Šilentabor hill, which was also the largest fort of all times in Slovenia.

The Regio Carsica Militaris exhibition can also be seen as a 30 minute multivision, shown on the first floor of the Komanda building. On the ground floor of this same building there is the central information centre of the Park of Military History.

Click to enter a virtual exhibition Regio Carsica Militaris.

Source: Park vojaške zgodovine

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