Submarine P-913

Till 1989, 6 of such submarines were constructed in Split. The submarines were named after rivers from all of the socialist republics inside the SFRY. The basic crew of a Una submarine comprised four members; however, additional 4 to 6 submarine saboteurs could be transported by the submarine.

The P-913 submarine is an extraordinary example of the military technical heritage, by the construction of which the Slovenian experts and industry contributed greatly as well. Besides the technical aspect, the submarine is an important exhibit also because of the Slovenian submariners, who presented a high percentage in the Yugoslavian navy.

Fun fact: Altogether completed six such submarines are named after rivers from each of the Socialist Republics of Yugoslavia, P-913 Zeta after Zeta River in Montenegro.

View inside the submarine P-913 Zeta

Views of submarine P-913 are guided by special security measures and take place after careful system. Groups consist of 3-8 visitors with a guide and the view takes about 30 minutes. Due to the great interest to view inside of the submarine is preferable to book it in advance.

Source: Park vojaške zgodovine

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