Circular Trail

The Circular Trail of the Park of Military History connects the old barracks in Pivka, the Italian underground fort on the Primož hill, the Šilentabor hill above Zagorje (the location of the largest stronghold in Slovenia in former times) and the village of Narin. It takes 4 hours to walk the entire trail; however, you may also decide to just visit the forts of the Alpine Wall on the Primož hill (45 min) or ascend the Šilentabor hill (1 h). The trail is marked with special signposts and signs as well as 10 information boards on the part between the park and the Primož hill.

Old barracks (570m)

The trail begins in the Park of Military History and after a short ascend brings you to the former military training range (Hill 110), where military demonstrations take place every year. From here you can set out on the trail to the forts of the Alpine Wall on the Primož hill or go towards the Šilentabor hill and the village of Narin.

Primož (718 m)

From Hill 110 an old military road brings you to the top of the Primož hill. There is an entrance to the underground fort which was one of the most fortified points in the Alpine Wall along the Italian-Yugoslav border. The length of the tunnels is approximately 500 m with preserved battle positions, an ammunition depot and habitable rooms inside.

The hill has always been of strategic importance because the entire Pivka basin is visible from the top.

Šilentabor (751 m)

From the Primož hill, the trail descends to the Dule valley, where, by tradition, there used to be an old Roman road, and then ascends the Šilentabor hill. The top, where the largest fortified area in Slovenia used to be, offers a magnificent view of the surroundings. The Šilentabor hill was settled already in the prehistoric times and the Roman period, while the mighty fort was built at the time of Turkish invasions. There is also the old St. Martin’s church with fresco remnants from the 15th century.

Source: Park vojaške zgodovine

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