Armored Vehicles

Some examples of weapons and combat vehicles

World War I

The first armoured vehicles entered the scene majestically in the first months of the so-called “Great War” between 1914 and 1918. Before coming across the cruel reality of the battlefields of that time, they indicated their rapid ascent. During World War I emerged a typical representative of armoured vehicles – a tank incorporating three elements: fire power, mobility and protection.

The artillery has been known as “Queen of the Battlefield” since the beginnings of warfare and represents all weapons stronger than hand arms and typically used by several people. The first artillery was composed of catapults and similar devices, while the “real” artillery indicates the appearance of gunpowder and the first cannons. In Slovenia, artillery was most widely used at the Isonzo Front and during World War II.

World War II

As regards tanks, World War II is marked by two extremely important tanks, namely the American M3A3 Stuart and the Soviet T-34-85. The first, M3A3 Stuart, presents the 1st Tank Brigade of the Yugoslav National Liberation Army (YNLA) – the first larger mechanised unit of Tito’s Partisan Army. The second tank, T 34-85, presents the 2nd Tank Brigade of YNLA. Both exhibits are important memories of numerous Slovenian young men who transferred from the Allied captivity (North Africa, Soviet Union) to both brigades as volunteers and contributed to the break of fascism in the area of former Yugoslavia.

After World War II

After World War II, the former Yugoslavia set out on the path of a new political regime, which greatly contributed to the development of the Armed Forces. The initial stage was characterised by relying on the Soviet Union.

After the initial post-war period, the year 1948 saw the emergence of the famous resolution of the Informbiro, which excluded Yugoslavia from the group of orthodox communist countriesThe result was the warming of relations with the western countries who, at the beginning of the 1950s, offered Yugoslavia substantial military and economic assistance. This period is characterised by American armoured technology.

Special attention is dedicated to the armoured technology of Yugoslav make since many Slovenian companies participated in its designing and manufacturing. This part thus presents the national technological heritage.

After 1991

After 1991, the Slovenian Armed Forces accepted most technology that was previously used by YPA. In this place it is worth mentioning the modernised battle tanks M-84and M-55S whose capabilities and lifetime were improved and extended by the knowledge and skills of the Slovenian experts.

Source: Park vojaške zgodovine

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