Location: Park of Military History (Europe)
Location: Park of Military History (Slovenia)

About Park of Military History

The Park of Military History in Pivka is a museum and tourist centre, offering its visitors unique insight into the rich military historical heritage of the area with the purpose of education, research and exceptional experience. The centre seeks to acquaint the visitors with the historical events related to the military and revive the patriotic feeling in young people.

Tanks, cannons, armored vehicles, …

Combat vehicles are typically armoured, armed and designed for conducting combat missions. These vehicles are mostly tanks, armoured cars, armoured transporters, self-propelled howitzers and special amphibious and airborne combat vehicles.

Submarine P-913

The 19-metre long and 76-tons heavy P-913 Zeta submarine belongs to the category of the so-called pocket or sabotage submarines of the Una class. In the 1980’s, the SFRJ navy came to the conclusion that large submarines could no longer perform numerous tactical tasks, and at the same time, the navy was in search for a more economical way to enlarge the submarine fleet.

Circular Trail Of The Park Of Military History

The Circular Trail of the Park of Military History connects the old barracks in Pivka, the Italian underground fort on the Primož hill, the Šilentabor hill above Zagorje (the location of the largest stronghold in Slovenia in former times) and the village of Narin. It takes 4 hours to walk the entire trail; however, you may also decide to just visit the forts of the Alpine Wall on the Primož hill (45 min) or ascend the Šilentabor hill (1 h). The trail is marked with special signposts and signs as well as 10 information boards on the part between the park and the Primož hill.

The Regio Carsica Militaris Virtual Exhibition

In the Park of Military History you can visit a static display on the subject of a several thousand years old fortification heritage of Slovenia, titled Regio Carsica Militaris, which was set up within the Crossed Borders project and cofinanced by the European Fund Interreg IIIA. The exhibition presents the history and development of the fortification heritage in the wider area of the Postojna “doors”.


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