Society of Countryside Women and Girls OSTRNICE Loška dolina home-made culinary delicacies of the Society of Countryside Women and Girls will entice even the most demanding  guests.

They prepare feasts of baked goods for special occasions such as weddings, cultural, touristic, sports and charity events. They also organise courses for culinary, gardening, florists, handicrafts and other interesting themes.

Fun fact: In the Loška dolina, Ostrnica was an important tool of agricultural holdings and had a significant impact on the image of cultural landscape. It represented a dominant mode of drying of some agricultural crops and hay. At the time of harvest, one of agricultural holdings placed hundreds of Ostrnica on the meadows; Loško polje was thus taking shape as a landscape sown with Ostrnica.

Apicultural Sociaty Loška dolina bee delicacies are a completely natural food, a direct gift from nature. Bee articles such as honey, honey brandy, pollen, propolis and wax are available from the members of the Loška dolina Apicultural Society.

Source: Public institute of Culture and Tourism Snežnik Castle


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