http://zelenikras.si/si/imagelib/source/default/znamenitosti/gradovi/predjamski-grad.jpgFor the most part, castles in Slovenia were built in the 12th century, mostly on exposed hills, which were the sites of prehistoric hill forts. The word castle is used to describe a fortified residence of foreign feudal lords, constructed on a naturally or artificially protected site. The most important castles of the Green karst region can be found on the edges of our region: Predjama Castle in the north, Prem Castle in the south and Snežnik Castle in the south-west part. Peasant revolts, Turkish invasions and the introduction of firearms were the reason for additional architectural defence elements being added to these medieval structures in the 16th century.

Anti-Turk forts

http://zelenikras.si/si/imagelib/source/default/znamenitosti/muzeji-zbirke/Park_vojaske_zgodovine_6.jpgForts were set up at the time of Turkish invasions in the late 15th and early 16th century. The fort was constructed from thin and tall walls with semi-circular towers, most commonly around the previous existing courts and castles as well as churches. As the name anti-Turk forts suggests, these forts served as places of refuge from Ottoman plundering expeditions, while at the same time they were also used as a storage place for all sorts of valuable things. Peasants stored their food, livestock, clothing and liturgical values. After the Turk invasions stopped, feudal lords were worried that the strongholds could become centres of rebellious peasants. This resulted in the demolishing of almost every fort in the Green karst region.

Source: RDO Postojnska jama

Park of Military History Pivka

http://zelenikras.si/si/imagelib/source/default/znamenitosti/muzeji-zbirke/Park_vojaske_zgodovine_6.jpgInside the Park of Military History, an artillery collection is displayed. The collection is mainly composed of tanks, armoured cars, armoured transport vehicles, motor carriages, and special amphibious vehicles, and air transport combat vehicles. The Headquarters, the central old barracks building in Hrastje, contains the permanent collection Regio Carsica Militaris, which encapsulates the thousands of years of military and fortification heritage of the extended area of the strategically important Postojna Gates. The neighbouring buildings contain several other permanent collections, and visitors can also undertake the Circular Trail of Military History, or take the path towards the Alpine Wall. Every year, the Festival of Military History is organized, where a great historical battle is reenacted (e.g. Napoleon’s battle at Razdrto, Battle of the Hill 110). The P-913 Zeta submarine is the newest museum’s acquisition and can also be examined from the inside.

Source: RDO Postojnska jama

Fun fact: The Snežnik Castle is a unique museum depicting residential culture of the 19th century and is one of the few castles in Slovenia that can boast of original furnishings. The castle is managed by the National Museum of Slovenia.

Source: Public institute of Culture and Tourism Snežnik Castle


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