Location: Nova Gorica (Europe)
Location: Nova Gorica (Slovenia)

About Nova Gorica

Nova Gorica, a small town at the border with Italy, has been the heart of the sunny Goriška region for almost six decades. It has grown after the World War II as a substitute town for Gorizia, which remained on the other side of the border. It is a town with a mild climate, green and blooming all year round, young, lively and friendly to the local people and visitors from all over the world. As a unique example in Europe, the two towns are located at the border with no border crossings and living in a greater co-existence at all levels.


The municipality is characterized by a position in transition, and contact between the Mediterranean, the Alps and continental Europe. Also important is its transport position between the Po River Valley in the southwest, Soca valley, which penetrates far to the north of the Alps, and central Slovenia, from where roads lead to the Pannonian nižavju in the northeast.

History & Culture

Nova Gorica, the town on the border to Italy, was founded only after the end of World War II. According to the 6th Paris Peace Conference the town of Gorica/Gorizia belonged to Italy, and thus a substantial part of the Goriška area, the Soča Valley and the Lower Vipava Valley lost its centre. The population in the extensive surroundings of the present-day town started many thousands of years ago, proof of which are some significant archeological sites.

Fun & sports

The sports infrastructure called the Nova Gorica Sports Park includes: the main football and athletic stadium, the complex Balon, tennis grounds, a gym called Partizan, city swimming pool – Olympic pool and indoor pool, ancillary football playground with artificial grass, outdoor playground for basketball and volleyball, bowling and a fitness centre. Outside the Sports Park there are also: ancillary football ground near the Korn stream, the kayaking centre on the Soča river, the skating centre, the venue for table tennis, jogging path, and a gym in Prvačina.

Symbols of Nova Gorica

Visit unique local festivals like The Rose Festival and The Polenta Festival. Be sure to experience wine and culinary offerings. The area around Nova Gorica represents an important contribution to the culinary art. It is the meeting point of the influences typical for the Karst, Brda, Vipava, as well as the near-by Friulian and Italian cuisine.


Destination suggestions

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