Location: Kobarid (Europe)
Location: Kobarid (Slovenia)


Kobarid, one of the most renowned historical places in Slovenia, was already inhabited in the Hallstat period and prospered in the Roman period. Nearby is a well known late Antiquity mountain settlement called Tonocov Grad. The town is mainly known for the aftermath of the Battle of Kobarid in October 1917, which placed Kobarid on the world map. During the Second World War, Kobarid was the centre of the liberated territory, called the Kobarid Republic. The Kobarid Museum presents the story of these historical events and in 1993 it received the Council of Europe Museum Award. The nearby Soča river offers excellent possibilities for kayaking, rafting, fishing and other water sports. The surrounding mountains offer superb conditions for hiking, gliding, mountain biking and mountaineering. Kobarid is also the culinary capital of the Primorska region, since it boasts many excellent restaurants.


Kobarid is a small and amiable little town, which is situated at the historic crossroads of important routes running through Posočje (Soča Valley) towards Furlanija (Friuli). Our section on Kobarid includes the Trnovo ob Soči kayak centre along the most striking part of the Soča River (for all admirers of fast rapids and wild waters), as well as the mountain ridges of Kolovrat and Matajur, which border on neighbouring Italy. 


Fun & sports

Water sports - For lovers of wild and fast rapids, the Soča River is one of the most desired destinations in all of Europe. They can go rafting, kayaking, and hydro speeding or take on other sporting adventures accompanied by guides from numerous local sports agencies, for solo navigation, however, they will need a permit. The popular canyoning enables visitors to experience picturesque gorges, waterfalls and pools.The section of the Soča running through our region offers practically everything: rafters will gather at Trnovo ob Soči; kayakers will love the section of between the Otona pool and Kobarid; and families, schoolchildren, and beginners will prefer the smooth flow between the gravel sections from Kobarid to Tolmin. The best conditions for hydrospeed are found in Kobariška soteska (Kobarid Gorge). Canyoning under the guidance of experienced local guides is allowed on the Pršjak stream.


History & culture

All key sights of the Kobarid area – Kozjak Waterfall, Soča Gorge, remains of the World War I, archaeological site Tonocov grad, the Kobarid Museum and the Dairy Museum – are interconnected by the Kobarid Historical Trail. In Breginjski kot Valley visitors can admire the remains of the Venetian-Slovenian architectural style. At Vrsno it is possible to visit the birthplace of Simon Gregorčič, one of the most popular Slovenian poets. Village Drežnica attracts visitors with its pilgrimage Church of Sacred Heart, picturesque Forma viva and with interesting private collections.


Symbols of Kobarid

The Kobarid gastronomic circle - »De honesta voluptate et valetudine«- on true pleasure and good health, or even better "true pleasure is good health". In 1467, the philosopher Bartolomeo Platina gave this title to his treatise on healthy food. He quoted Maestro Martino de Rossi, who was chef to the fifteenth century Patriarch of Aquileia and the Soča region, and hence had links to Slovenia, Ludovico Trevisano. So the people of the Soča Valley have known about and enjoyed good food for a very long time.The traditions have passed from generation to generation, in written form and orally.
Today every housewife knows how to prepare the famous local dessert "kobariški štruklji" (a delicious dessert made from dough stuffed with walnuts, raisins and such like), to which the culinary grandees of the town even dedicate a festival - Štrukljada.  Yet, beware, history and tradition do not reign absolutely, for every štrukelj is different. And diversity is indeed a special feature of the restaurants of Kobarid, eateries that feature great variety yet with enough in common to have created the intriguing, enticin.


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