Location: Kanal ob Soči (Europe)
Location: Kanal ob Soči (Slovenia)

Kanal ob Soči

The Municipality of Kanal ob Soči is situated in Western Slovenia, in the Central Soča Valley at the border with Italy. It is divided from the neighbouring Slavia Friulana (Slovene: Beneška Slovenija) in the Italian region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia by the river Idrija. Its location between the hills of the Kanalski Kolovrat in the West and the plateau Banjška planota in the East offers its visitors several possibilities for recreation, relaxation, journeys, cycling, hiking, hunting, fishing, swimming in the River Soča as well as visits of cultural, historical and natural sights. The heart of the Municipality is Kanal, a small medieval town with a rich cultural heritage.

The sights of the Municipality Kanal ob Soči

Kanal Bridge - the stone two-arched bridge is the symbol of both the town and the Municipality. It was originally built by the Romans and it connected the banks of the River Soča from its present location in 1580. The wooden bridge was demolished and rebuilt numerous times throughout history and it gained its present image after the renovation of 1920. The traditional bridge jumping event which attracts many visitors takes place every year at this very bridge.


Sport events in the Municipality

Diving from the bridge - this is the most popular event in the Municipality of Kanal ob Soči, which attracts many visitors' attention. The divers jump into the water from a height of 17 metres. Every year, the event is opened by an exhibition of old-timer vehicles.


Ethnological and museum collections

Lukčeva House (ethnological monument) in Kambreško - The house features a preserved entrance hall, a »black kitchen« with open hearth and a wood-fired oven from the 19th century. It is also possible to visit an ethnological collection, a collection of old documents, letters, notes, pictures and a museum collection of First World War artefacts, including the found remains of an Italian military hospital, where the General Badoglio was hospitalized during the First World War. You can visit the Lukčeva House at the address Kambreško 12, upon prior notice. Information: 00386 41 528 592.



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