Location: Idrija (Europe)
Location: Idrija (Slovenia)

About Idrija...

The city of Idrija in a basin between undulating hills where the natural environments of the subalpine and karst worlds meet. A half millennium of mining mercury in Idrija and its surroundings left an exceptionally rich heritage of technical, cultural, and historical monuments and points of interest available to visitors as museum displays. Among the ethnological attractions, Idrija bobbin lace is particulary outstanding and ranks Idrija among the most eminent European centers of this valuable folk art. more

Also rich and diverse is the traditional local cuisine in which the foremost place belongs to the delicacy populary known as "idrijski žlikrofi", a type of ravioli stuffed with potato and chives.



Experience the pristine nature around numerous remains of the mining past of the region of Idrija. The park is a real source of energy for the entire family.

Fun & sports

Geopark Idrija covers the area of Municipality Idrija in the western part of Slovenia. The Geopark areas at a higher elevation offer splendid recreation possibilities. In the summer you can be one of many cyclists or hikers that explore the area and in the winter season you are welcome to run your skis on the slopes and the cross-country tracks in ski centres on the plateaus of Vojsko and Črni Vrh.

History & culture

We suggest history and art lovers a visit to the Municipal Museum at Gewerkenegg Castle, Anthony's Shaft, Church of St. Anthony, Military Museum and Kenda Menor in Idrija which warmly welcomes all visitors.


Idrija is home to the famous bobbin lace – Idrija Lace. When exactly and how the lacemaking in Idrija started, is unknown. It is presumed that the knowledge of this craft was either brought from the German or the Czech provinces more than three hundred years ago.


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