Location: Goriška brda (Europe)
Location: Goriška brda (Slovenia)

About Goriška Brda...

Cultural heritage in Brda has intertwined over the centuries: from cultivated landscapes, typical architectures of villages and castles to numerous ethnological attractions, customs, habits and a distinctive dialect. The stamp of the past has undoubtedly left its traces.
Brda is mostly cultivated with vineyards and orchards. A nature explorer will discover many interesting things about geological, climatic and botanical features in this unspoiled nature.
The hilly Brda landscape is speckled with villages, some clustered like birds’ nests, some elongated and dispersed, with houses spread along the ridges, but all of them surrounded by the greenery of vineyards and orchards with roads, track and paths winding among them.


Dobrovo with some 400 inhabitants is the administrative center of Brda Municipality and also the center of the Brda wine-growing area. The village name is derived from "dob", pedunculate oak, once the most common tree species in Brda. In the immediate vicinity rises the mighty Dobrovo castle where the permanent collection of graphic works of the world-renowned painter Zoran Mušič…


Fun & sports

A fairy tale landscape, from where the view stretches out to the sea, Friuli and Veneto, a land of hills, nested halfway between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea., maintains and develops its traditions, protects its beauties and bestows beneficial effects to every visitor. In Brda, where you will find juicy fruits, high-quality wines and delicious Brda food, you can walk among green vineyards, orchards and find your peace here…


History & culture

The picturesque walled village with five preserved towers, perched on a panoramic hill (as the poet Alojz Gradnik would say) like an eagle’s nest, can be seen from every corner of Brda. The settlement that was probably built on Roman foundations used to be a fortification on the strategic Venetian-Austrian border.



World-known Brda fruit, wine, excellent olive oil and other products as well as the delicious Brda cuisine – story full of adventures, memories and joyous gatherings. Tempting flavours, which need to be scooped with a large spoon.



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