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Trebuša is a junction of three rivers: Idrijca, Trebušica and Hotenjka. The old river courses are still visible, about 10 meters above the present riverbeds. Because of constant water activity and typical geological structure riverbeds of rivers in the area have a normal V-shaped relief. Flowing waters, streaming from surrounding hills and plateus formed narrow gorges or glens.

Junction of the rivers Trebušica and Idrijca

The river Idrijca makes a large turn in Dolenja Trebuša (the lower Trebuša valley) and is joined by the river Trebušica upstream, which means in a direction opposite from that of the river current. Such form of the river junction, when an affluent joins the river upstream, is extremely rare.

This confluence is extremely picturesque, because the river Trebušica flows along some kind of short trough with 5-10-meter high walls, richly covered with vegetation. On the left side there is a stony promontory, jutting out into the river Idrijca, consequently allowing formation of large amounts of sediments. In ancient times the river Trebušica joined the river Idrijca on the western side of the Prevejk hill (358 m high).

The best view over this river junction offers from the right bank of Idrijca. We can rech this spot along the trail which starts opposite the inn.


Gačnik is a right affluent of Trebušica. Its spring is not far from the church in Vojsko at an altitude of approx. 1.000 m. It joins the river Trebušica at an altitude of 255 m. The glen is cut into the dolomitic and alpine rock layers between the Gabrovo brdo, Stržnikarjev Vrh and Planinca on one side and Brdovski vrh and Bendijski vrh on the other side. These layers do not overleap completely, so at a few spots the water falls deeply and forms picturesque waterfalls.

The stream flows from its spring down to the Skok homestead along a steep hillside with changing inclination. Just below the Skok homestead it narrows into a picturesque glen with not less than 12 waterfalls. From top to bottom their names are: Brdarjev slap, Slap pod Brdarjem, Slap pri Spodmolu, Macesnov slap, Slap pod luknjo, Studenčkov slap, Slap pod balvanom, Prvi slap.

This stream forms deep pools, rapids, ponds and other hydromorphological formations.


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