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Circular cycle path

This is a partially marked cycling track that leads from Kobarid to Breginj and Robidišce village. It descends along the Nadiža riverbed, passes the bridge Napoleonov Most and reaches Podbela, where it turns onto a gravel road by the river and continues towards the village of Robic. The whole trip covers 44.5 kilometres and is considered demanding. In case that’s a bit too much, you can shorten the trip and take an occasional swim in the charming pools of the Nadiža. ( photo: Peter-Immich .

Fun fact: Beneška Slovenija (Venetian Slovenia) After border control was abolished on 21 December 2007, Breginjski Kot officially opened towards the Nadiža and Ter (Torre) river valleys, thus reuniting the Beneška Slovenija on both sides of the Italian-Slovenian border. The unspoiled and untamed world of these valleys beckons hikers and cyclists to explore it.

Stol 1673 m

This 30-kilometer limestone ridge rising above Breginjski Kot is a true paradise for paragliders, hang gliders, hikers and cyclists. The Stol mountain stands at the rim of the high Julian Alps and offers a splendid view of
the sea. Visitors interested in mountain flora will be excited to find the charming spirea shrub (Spiraea decumbens) which blossoms in the spring and its only habitat in Slovenia is Breginjski Kot. At the foot of the mountain, in the humid forests by the Bela river, visitors can enjoy the alluring fragrance of the cyclamen. ( photo: Peter-Immich ).


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