Breginjski Kot and the Nadiža River

Breginjski kot

Breginjski kot is a valley of the Nadiža River between Staro selo and Breginj at the westernmost edge of Slovenia. 
Breginjski kot is an integral part of the cultural area of Beneška (Venetian) Slovenia. The most important legacy of the region is its ethnological monuments, particularly the remnants of a remarkable heritage in environmental design and architecture, which was, to a large degree, unfortunately destroyed by an earthquake in 1976. Part of this heritage, representing an exceptional symbiosis of human and nature, is preserved in Breginj’s local museum. Popular destinations with visitors are Napoleon Bridge across the Nadiža River and the “black” (open fire) kitchen in Robidišče, which is considered the westernmost Slovenian settlement.                                           
The indisputable jewel of the area is the Nadiža River, which is pleasantly warm in summer and which, according to the opinion of numerous visitors, also possesses healing properties. Bicycling at one’s leisure or on an all-day tour is the most recommended way to explore the sights of Breginjski kot. 
The disappearance of border procedures with Italy will open new opportunities for excursions in the neighbouring and appealing Beneška Slovenia.

Fun fact: The following activities are illegal in the river or on its banks: washing cars and dishes, shampooing dogs, camping outside camp grounds, open fires, dumping trash outside bins, as well as any pollution of the river or river banks.

Nadiža River

Its turqoise waters, torrential during the frequent storms, originate under the massive Stol range. Its turqoise waters, torrential during the frequent storms, originate under the massive Stol range. At the foot ofmount Matajur it turns south, crosses the border into Italy and concludes it’s 60 kilometer journey when it joins the river Ter (Torre). 
The Nadiža has carved out pools and gorges, as well as depositing numerous shingle beaches. It is one of the cleanest and warmest Alpine rivers, home to the marble trout, rainbow trout and the local crayfish Austropotamobius pallipes italicus. As such it is a natural paradise for bathers and fly fishermen. According to local folklore, the waters of the Nadiža also possesses healing properties.                                   
Access to the Nadiža river : to protect the harmony between nature and the numerous visitors in the summertime, the Kobarid municipality has implemented a parking regime by the river Nadiža. There are four maintained parking lots by the river bank (in Robič, Podbela, Napoleonov most and Logje); a parking fee applies in June, July and August. ( photo: Aleš-Fevžer )


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