Location: Breginjski Kot and the Nadiža River (Europe)
Location: Breginjski Kot and the Nadiža River (Slovenia)

Breginjski Kot and the Nadiža River

In westernmost Slovenia lies the valley of Breginjski Kot (literaly “the Corner of Breginj”). Bounded by the plains of Friuli, the peaks of the Julian Alps and the emerald waters of the Soca river, it is an integral part of Beneška Slovenija (Venetian Slovenia). The mountainous terrain, threaded by a network of river valleys and caressed by the gentle sea winds from the south, hides the pristine Nadiža River, ancient villages, limestone ridges and more. The stone houses of the Beneška Slovenia hill country each have their story to tell and mark a point where true harmony between man the natural environment has been developed and nurtured. The mystical beauty of the landscape is the valley’s greatest treasure and worth preserving for future generations.


The Nadiža river - Its turqoise waters, torrential during the frequent storms, originate under the massive Stol range. At the foot of mount Matajur it turns south, crosses the border into Italy and concludes it’s 60 kilometer journey when it joins the river Ter (Torre).
The Nadiža has carved out pools and gorges, as well as depositing numerous shingle beaches. It is one of the cleanest and warmest Alpine rivers, home to the marble trout, rainbow trout and the local crayfish Austropotamobius pallipes italicus. As such it is a natural paradise for bathers and fly fishermen. According to local folklore, the waters of the Nadiža also possesses healing properties.


Fun & sports

The Stol mountain is a paradise for sports enthusiasts. The perfect thermals above the mountain slopes are excellent for paragliders. Mountain bikers can ascend the mountain from the village of Trnovo and travel along the ridge, past the mountain pasture Božca, and then ride down the undulating ridge to Breginjski Kot. Those keen on hiking can begin their ascent in Breginj and continue to Veliki Muzec, enjoy the evening panorama of the Friuli plains and spend the night in a bivouac. In the morning, they’ll be delighted by the scenes of untamed nature and its creatures. Mountain climbers will certainly enjoy braving the walls above the river Nadiža, below the church of Sveti Volar (St. Hilary). It’s only a half hour walk from the village Robic to the church; a great place for family trips, even with small children.


History & culture

Breginj museum collections
Above the Nadiža river, between Kobarid and Breginj, thirteen villages are scattered along the sunny terraces at the foot of mount Stol’s southern face. Today only some 250 villagers remain in Breginj, the largest village of Breginjski Kot and the only to still have a school, post office and community health centre. Before the great 1976 earthquake Breginj was a precious, living memorial to the unique architecture of Beneška Slovenija. The circular streets and the stone houses with their roofed galleries (known as »ganki«), connected to their stables and barns, stood in oval clusters. They were a witness to the remarkable cultural landscape and heritage of these parts. Now, the sole remnant of the original layout is the old village centre with its museum and the St. Nicholas church and rectory; they are classified as national cultural monuments. Two private collections are on display in Breginj: the Ethno-Military Collection and the Stol Museum Collection.


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