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The Soča River is a popular European kayaking destination. Offering varying levels of difficulty (from I to V), the rapids are suitable for beginners as well as advanced kayakers who prefer a technically demanding course.

Rafting on the Soča

Rafting on the emerald Soča river is one of the top five most beautiful experiences you can have in Slovenia. At the right water level, rafting is suitable for all generations and families, young and old. The sports companies that organise rafting on the Soča will provide the necessary equipment and a qualified guide to ensure that you have a safe and pleasant trip. The most popular route is 10 km long, starting at the bridge at Log Čezsoški, right next to the Boka waterfall, and ending in Trnovo ob Soči. From the first, easy rapids, the rafting team with a guide continues along the river, surrounded by the tall peaks of the Julian Alps, to the larger rapids on the Soča. Rafting on the Soča takes 2-3 hours. Aside from swimming, no prior knowledge is required. Remember to bring a bathing suit and towel.


The excitement of discovering the Soča from up close, with flippers and a large plastic board, is gaining in popularity. Hydrospeed (riverboarding) on the Soča is suitable for good swimmers of all ages. The activity is organised by sports companies when the water level is high enough to cover most rocks and you can enjoy the refreshing emerald river. The rapids range in difficulty from I to IV.


Picturesque canyons and gorges, crystal clear waterfalls and green pools, active exploration of wild and pristine nature – this is what canyoning is all about. Sports companies in the Bovec area organise canyoning on:

• the Sušec stream,
• theFratarica stream,
• the Predelica stream,
• the Globoški potok stream.

Source: Bovec

Winter sports

Bovec is the perfect destination for winter vacations. Skiing on natural snow in the Kanin-Sella Nevea ski resort, enjoying views of the sea while relaxing on the Kanin winter beach, staying in the heart of the Julian Alps and exploring the idyllic landscape in the valley.

Ice climbing

In the low winter temperatures, the waterfalls around Bovec transform into a paradise for ice climbers. The frozen waterfalls in Log pod Mangartom and Trenta are particularly popular. The difficulty of climbing depends on the route. There are routes suitable for beginners as well as for advanced climbers. It is recommended that you hire a guide for ice climbing and use appropriate equipment.


Dear guests, this year, the Kanin cable-car and the Slovenian part of the ski area will be out of service due to technical and organisational issues. But we work hardly on a new project and hope to set up new ski facilities soon.

Cross-country skiing

Surrounded by the majestic Alpine peaks, at the foot of the famous Loška stena, in the open Bovec basin and in snowy Čezsoča, cross-country skiing is a real adventure. Skiing trails: Bovec, Čez Soča Cross-Country, Log pod Mangartom, Loška Koritnica Cross-Country Skiing trail.

Ski touring

The pristine snow covering the wild, isolated Alpine slopes, and the fairy-tale surroundings of the Julian Alps are a paradise for touring skiers who enjoy idyllic ski touring. Touring skiers like to visit the slopes of Čisti vrh, which offers magnificent views of the majestic Špik, Triglav, Razor, Jalovec and Kanjavec, and Alpine touring on Mala Mojstrovka overlooking the Vršič pass. The Sci Alpinistica ski touring race is held in Bovec every year.

Source: Bovec

Snowshoe hiking

The untamed nature of the Triglav Natural Park, Zadnjica, Možnica, Bavšice and Zapoden offers plenty of opportunities for a retro escape from the crazy world. Snowshoe hiking is a favourite method of exploring the isolated winter landscape. The wooden snowshoes used by our ancestors for winter hunting, forestry and military expeditions have been replaced by plastic snowshoes, an almost indispensable piece of winter sporting equipment.


Sledding down the Mangart or Stol road and sledding in Trenta are among the most popular winter activities in Bovec, especially with children. Night sledding is an unforgettable experience. Sports companies in the Bovec area organise guided sledding on a range of maintained sled runs and provide all the equipment you need. Advance booking is required. Sledding is suitable for individuals, families and groups.


Cycling routes of varying levels of difficulty lead through the most beautiful corners in the Julian Alps. Road cycling and mountain biking, cycling routes for families and the Kanin mountain biking park attract countless cyclists to the Bovec area and the Soča valley every year.

Family cycling

What could be more fun than a cycling trip that leaves you with enough energy to explore the interesting sights along the way? These medium difficulty cycling routes lead along macadam and smaller asphalt roads in the Bovec area: Bovec-Log Čezsoški-Čezsoča-Bovec, Loška Koritnica, Lepena, Bovec-Kal-Koritnica-Čezsoča-Bovec, Bovec-Plužna-Čezsoča-Bovec.

Mountain biking

The Soča valley is the perfect destination for mountain biking. The diverse terrain, mountain and forest roads, mule paths, cart tracks and trails are situated in the magnificent natural surroundings of the Julian Alps. Considering that there are areas where mountain biking is not required and since the activity requires a good deal of familiarity with the terrain, we recommend that you hire a mountain biking guide. Mountain biking tours in the Bovec area and the Soča valley: Stol, Bovec–Log Čezsoški–Trnovo ob Soči, the Krnica plain, the Zaprikraj plain, Berebica, Matajur.

Road cycling

Popular road cycling routes lead past many of the natural and cultural sights in the Triglav National Park. The roads to Mangart and Vršič are especially popular with road cyclists. There are plenty of road cycling routes of varying difficulty levels in the Bovec area.

Source: Bovec


The mountainous world of the Julian Alps, the pristine nature of the Triglav National Park and the refreshing Soča river make Bovec one of the most beautiful hiking destinations.

Mountain trails

The Bovec area boasts the tallest and mightiest peaks of the Julian Alps. Marked trails lead from the valley to wild and untamed corners high in the mountains, including Triglav (2864 m), Slovenia's highest mountain. The immense beauty of the pristine nature and natural sights found in the Trenta mountains were described by Kugy, who often hiked in the Julian Alps with local mountain guides. Popular mountain trails in the Bovec area: Krnsko jezero lake (1391 m), Visoki Kanin (2587 m), Mangrt (2679 m), Rombon (2208 m), Kriška jezera (2158 m), Mala Mojstrovka (2332 m), Jerebica (2126 m) in Triglav (2864 m).

Walking trails

The area around Bovec boasts a number of marked hiking trails that lead to various local natural wonders and cultural sights. The bubbling brooks, whispering forests and fresh Alpine air await you in Bovec. A list of some walking and hiking trails: Bovec–letališče Bovec–Jablenca–Bovec, Bovec–Plužna–Plužensko jezero–golf igrišče–Bovec, Bovec–Zavrzelno–Široki plaz–Bovec, Bovec–Široki plaz–trdnjava Kluže–Kukč–Bovec.

Natural science trails

Discover unusual geological forms, typical plant and animal life, cultural landscapes and natural sights along the Soča Trail or the Prestreljeniški podi – Kanin trail in the high mountains.

The Soča Trail - This famous 22 km educational trail leads along the Soča river from Bovec into the heart of the Triglav National Park. Hiking time is 8 to 9 hours. The Soča Trail is popular with individuals, families and school groups. Along the way they discover the natural wonders and harsh life in the Trenta valley. Photographers love the untamed Alpine summits and the emerald beauty of the lively Soča river.

Themed trails in the Bovec area

Hikers visiting Bovec are inspired by the opportunity to discover the Isonzo Front heritage, explore the natural and cultural landscape and enjoy long walks in pristine nature.

The Walk of Peace - Pot miru logoThe Walk of Peace links World War One heritage sites in the Soča valley. Walk of Peace map

The Alpe-Adria Trail - This international hiking trail crosses three countries, linking areas of interest boasting a rich cultural, natural and culinary tradition. The Alpe-Adria-Trail connects the three regions of Carinthia, Slovenia and Friuli Venezia Giulia in a total of 43 stages. This long distance hiking trail leads from the foot of the highest mountain in Austria, the Grossglockner, through the most beautiful mountain and lake regions in Carinthia, and without any major detours leads close to the point where the three countries of Austria, Italy and Slovenia intersect at the Dreiländereck, and then on towards Trieste and the Adriatic. The Alpe-Adria Trail Map

Dairy plains in Zgornje Posočje - The cheese-making trail guides you through the inhabited and abandoned plains around Bovec and the Soča valley, revealing mountaineering and cheese-making folk heritage along the way.

7 Days 7 Trails - The 7 Days 7 Trails project aims to attract hikers from Lepena or the Soča village, offering a different hiking trip in the company of rapids, waterfalls and pools for every day of the week.

Source: Bovec

Fun fact: Bovec Run - Hundreds of runners of all ages compete in the Bovec Run each year. There are two tracks of different lengths, each starting at the Bovec airport. The Bovec Run is held in late April. It is organised by the Bovec Running Association.Kolesarski vzpon na Mangart

Summer sports

Zip Line Bovec

One of Europe's largest flying foxes parks (also known as Tyrolean traverse or zip line parks) is an attraction in the Bovec area and the Soča valley. Between 500 and 600 m long, the four steel cables above the Karnica valley offer amazing panoramic views of the Bovec basin. The cables are 2.4 km long in total. Suspended up to 200 m above the ground, you will reach speeds of up to 60 kmph during the adrenaline-filled traverse to the other side. Zip-lining in the flying foxes park is organised by a sports company in Bovec.

Mountain climbing and sport climbing

The Julian Alps are a paradise for mountain climbers and sport climbers. In the Bovec area there, are several climbing walls with routes of varying difficulties. You can also attend a mountain climbing course, which gives participants the basic knowledge for safe climbing.

Bungee jumping

Experience a bungee jump off the 55 m high Solkan bridge on the emerald Soča river. The feeling of weightlessness and freefalling into the deep gives you an incredible rush of adrenaline. Bungee jumping is organised once a week from late April to late October. Advance booking is required.


Situated between the Kanin mountains and the Soča where parts of Disney's epic The Chronicles of Narnia were filmed, the Golf Club Bovec golf course is 3012 m long and has 9 holes.


Accompanied by a guide, visitors interested in the wild subterranean world can explore the Mala Boka and Srnica caves. Comprising a complex system of caves, the karst world includes the Kanin and Rombon mountains, where one of the world's deepest pits is situated. The mountainous karst world overlooking Bovec is a paradise for speleologists, who eagerly explore natural phenomena and search for new tunnels connecting the cave systems.

Monster roller

Mountain devil rides are organised on the macadam road that leads from Kanin cableway station B towards Bovec. The equipment is provided by the organiser.


Experience paintball games in the unforgettable mountain surroundings of the Soča valley and the Julian Alps. The equipment is provided by the organiser.


The sport airfield in Bovec is considered one of most beautiful airfields in the Alps. During the summer it attracts sailplane pilots from near and far. Take off and soaring is possible in nearly all weather conditions, since the runway is oriented in the direction of the two most frequent winds in the Bovec area and is very well maintained.


Just a few hundred metres from the centre of Bovec (under the Hotel Kanin), you will find the Ten-ski (Črna ovca) sports centre with four well-maintained tennis courts where tennis courses and tournaments are held in the summer.

Horse riding

Horse rides around isolated farms and emerald pools on well-maintained trails are an inspiration for animal lovers. Cross-country riding across the Soča takes you to mysterious corners in pristine valleys.

The Bovec airport

This sport and tourist airport is located on the flat Bovško polje, surrounded by Alpine summits, which makes it unique among other sport airports in Slovenia. The airport is used for panoramic flights.

Monster roller

Mountain devil rides are organised on the macadam road that leads from Kanin cableway station B towards Bovec. The equipment is provided by the organiser.

Source: Bovec

Fun fact: Bike Ride to Mangart - The Bike Ride to Mangart is a traditional sporting event aimed at better-prepared recreational cyclists. The asphalt road – the highest mountain road in Slovenia – has 5 tunnels. The current track record is 56 minutes and 3 seconds. The Bike Ride to Mangart is organised every August by the Log pod Mangartom Sports Association.


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