The Triglav National Park

The main natural and cultural sights in the TNP - In the Bovec area, the TNP comprises dozens of natural and cultural treasures. The most popular include:

•   the Soča river, the source of the Soča and the Velika korita gorge,
•   the Alpinum Juliana botanical garden,
•   the Trenta Museum,
•   the Krnska jezera lakes,
•   Kriški podi,
•   the Kluže fort,
•   Mangartsko sedlo.

Information on the Triglav National Park (TNP)

  • size: 880 km²;
  • landscape: the young jagged peaks of the Eastern Julian Alps, forests (predominantly beech, spruce and larch), plenty of groundwater, karst water sources, rivers, streams and picturesque glacial lakes;
  • plant life: endemic species of mountain flowers such as the Triglav hawksbeard (Crepis Terglouensis), the Julian poppy (Papaver julicum), a species of aconite (Aconitum angustifolium) and Zois' bellflower (Campanula zoysii);
  • animal life: birds (golden eagle, griffon vulture, wood grouse, black grouse and hazel grouse), brown bear, lynx, chamois, Alpine ibex, Alpine marmot, roe deer, deer, mountain hare, beech marten, fox, badger, etc.

Source: Bovec

Tradicionalni dogodki

Potato Night

This folklore and entertainment event, named after čompe (potatoes), provides an excellent opportunity for local producers and people with an interest in local heritage to come together and meet. The centre of Bovec serves as a venue for dance, theatre and music performances by local groups and bands, which keep the memory alive and make an important contribution to preserving the local cultural heritage (e.g. Buške čeče, Folklorna skupina Bc). The event is famous for offering typical local delicacies such as frika (a dish of potatoes, cheese and pancetta), potato dishes, Bovec cheese and potato pizza. Potato night is organised by the Bovec Tourism Association and is usually held in August.

Bovec cheese

The famous Bovec cheese is an important testament to the centuries of cheese-making tradition in Bovec and Slovenia. In the past, Bovec cheese was used as a means of payment and was valued much higher than other cheeses. Protected as a product with traditional speciality guaranteed, Bovec cheese continues to maintain its special status. Today, Bovec cheese is made on a number of farms in the valley and on three plains, where it is also available to buy.

Fun fact: Bovec cheese is made from sheep's milk, which contains 50% more fat and protein in the dry matter compared to cow's milk. Bovec cheese belongs in the category of hard full-fat sheep's cheeses that can contain up to 20% cow's or goat's milk.

Source: Bovec


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