Location: Lipica (Europe)
Location: Lipica (Slovenia)


The charms of the Lipica Stud Farm are hidden in the unseen, the stories written by the local history. Only when walking on the historical paths we can truly experience the greatness of the local equestrian tradition.

The Stud Farm Lipica is committed to ensuring care, treatment, accommodation and breeding of all categories of Lipizzaners in accordance with the highest ethical, ethological and technological standards not only due to the role and importance of the stud farm in modern breeding of Lipizzaner worldwide, but above all due to the Lipizzaners themselves.

The Stud Farm Lipica breeds the Lipizzaner in a traditional tested way. Stallions placed in stables in individual enclosed stalls are trained regularly. Broodmares are placed in a joint stable, breeding is free.


The Lipica Stud Farm estate is very beautiful and one must take time and explore it. Discover the castle tree-lined avenues and enjoy the green landscape in the most romantic way – the carriage ride. Graciousness, elegance and perfection best describe the movement of a Lipizzaner horse. It is a horse born to be admired. The performance of the most talented studs from the Lipica Stud Farm is impressive.


Fun & Sport

The Lipica Stud Farm invites horse-lovers and enthusiasts of sport and leisure activities. The Lipica golf course is one of the biggest with 9 holes and it is open all year round.


History & Culture

The history of Lipica is closely intertwined with the Habsburgs and the time when horse was considered an ideal and was at the time a crucial strategic advantage. The Lipica story begins in the 16th century when the abandoned summer residence became the court stud farm.



Lipica stud farm offers new programs for children, designed to their age and boundless curiosity. Our instructors will present ponies and lipizzans to children and furthermore, explain how horses communicate and how should people treat them.



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