Location: Izola (Europe)
Location: Izola (Slovenia)

About Izola...

The old Mediterranean town of Izola leans on the southwestern coast of the Gulf of Trieste, where the genuine tradition of fishing and winemaking , the mistical traces of the past and the kindness of the locals form an unforgettable mosaic of experiences. The lively pace of the town and the romantic character welcome you, which is why it is said that you never forget Izola. Korte, the biggest settlement in Izola’s countryside, is 8 km from Izola and 224 m above sea level, so you can admire the view of hilly surroundings and the Sečovlje salt pans. Road to the village is well-marked and in good order. Becase of the distance it is best to go by car.


At the end of the Izola peninsula there is a nice city swimming area. There are showers, a sandbox and little trains for children. You can walk to the swimming area from the centre or drive from the direction of the shipyard. Those who do not like the crowd in Simon’s Bay, can take a walk towards Strunjan along   the shore with shale sedimentary rocks. After one kilometre you will find the Bele Skale Bay, named after the white rocks, which can be found at the beginning of the Bay. For couples that like peace and quiet, this area is very popular. The Bay is visited mostly by nudist.


Fun & sports

The health and friendship route is the right decision for all those, who want to take a step into the history of old cities and get acquainted with the natural resources of the Istrian Coast and see the beauty of the landscape, covered with hills. The route goes along the old narrow gauge Parenzana railway, which used to connect Trieste and Poreč and has become a symbol of friendship between Slovenian, Italian and Croatian municipalities.


History & culture

This part of Istria has a very rich history. Many peoples migrated, relinquished power, changed regimes, traded and waged wars. One of the oldest buildings in Izola is the Manzioli Palace, which stands in the Manzioli Square. The palace was erected in 1470 and it is a typical example of a bourgeois house in the Gothic style typical of Venice. The most visible church in Izola is the Church of St. Maur, which stands at the top of the medieval island and gives the town its characteristic silhouette. The original church was built in 1356 and was smaller. The present church was erected in 1547 but it has been reconstructed significantly several times.



The guests of the marina Izola can enjoy all its comforts: large piers, green spaces, service areas, parking lots and garages, agencies selling new and used boats, and renting vessels (charter). In the immediate vicinity there are tennis courts, an outdoor swimming pool, a commercial centre, a bar, a casino, restaurants and a shop with nautical equipment.



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