Location: Divača (Europe)
Location: Divača (Slovenia)

About Divača...

It might be modest in size – barely 20 kilometres from the northernmost to the southernmost point – but the municipality of Divača is full of diversity, a result of being situated where the coast merges into the hills of the interior. Here the warm breezes from the south mix with the stormy north wind, the famous burja. A large area of the municipality lies within the limestone plateau of the Karst, full of the typical karstic features that have spread the fame of this landscape around the world. more

At Divaški prag, the hilly margin of the Karst plateau, the visitor can tour Divača as well as a number of tiny Karst villages with their stone houses huddled close to one another, protecting the Karst people from the bora wind. Some villages are included in the regional park, others are on its periphery, but none of them lacks the attractive stone entrances to the homes, the beautifully wrought wells and other fine work of the Karst stonemasons.

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This is home not just to the magnificent Škocjanske jame caves, which are on the Unesco world heritage list, but also to a wealth of fascinating karstic caverns, picturesque sinkholes, swallow holes, fissures and channels that the water slowly carves out on its route into the underworld of the karst plateau.


Fun & sports

So we invite you to turn off the main road and wander through some less travelled locations, where the past fuses with a wealth of unspoilt nature. You can discover all this on a gentle stroll or by bicycle along quiet trails…


History & culture

Humans have been a part of this natural diversity since prehistoric times, seeking out paths from the coastline to the interior of the continent. At first they found shelter in caves; later they constructed fortifications and fortified settlements atop secure slopes, and finally settled in villages that are today still rich with flavours of the past.



This park has been named after Škocjanske jame, the magnificent network of underground caverns through which the Reka, or Velika Voda, flows.



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