http://www.portoroz.si/si/imagelib/169-land/default/images/Piran/piran_jaka_jerasa_pomanjsana.jpgKoper, Izola, Piran – three Istrian coastal towns at the draught of cultures, colourful past and present. Feel their Mediterranean souls on ancient streets, squares, in galleries, museums and town markets.

Different places, from galleries and theatres to numerous open air events give today’s cultural beat to the towns. One can notice the interlacement of different cultural influences by listening to the conversations of the locals, by tasting the delicacies on the Istrian market in Koper or by walking between the stalls on street antiques fairs.

The interesting architectural, ethnological and other cultural heritage is presented in two central museums – Koper Regional Museum and Maritime Museum “Sergej Mašera” Piran and many smaller collections.

Source: slovenska-istra.si

St. Trinity’s church (Hrastovlje)

Slika:Hrastovlie-Cerkev.jpgThe church was built in 13th century; it is surrounded by quadrangular well-conserved battlements with two round towers dated back to 16th century. This construction was used as a shelter during Turk incursion. The Romanesque church is composed by three naves and it is ended with an apse. The real attractions of this sacral building are the frescos and some Glagolitic inscriptions from 15th century. Frescos depict some sequences of the Sacral texts, for example the origin of the Earth, Adam’s and Eve’s experiences, some stages of the Passion, the work of ordinary people and, the most known part, the Dance of death. The church was decorated by Janez from Kavstva in1490 and it was discovered by the academic painter Jože Pohlen, in 1951. The church is inserted in the list of world cultural heritage.

Source: TIC Koper

Fun fact: The marvelous 15th-century frescoes in Hrastovlje’s Romanesque Church of the Holy Trinity rank at the very top of Slovenia’s medieval mural artwork. The most remarkable among them is the Dance Macabre that illustrates the powerlessness of both poor and rich before Death.

Source: slovenia.info


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