Location: Trbovlje (Europe)
Location: Trbovlje (Slovenia)

About Trbovlje ...

Trbovlje can offer the visitors a vibrant town centre with an ethnological route that leads one through the miners' colonies, which - not so long ago - were still populated with workers that earned their bread by digging brown coal.

Source: TIC Zasavje


The Sava Hills (Slovene: Posavsko hribovje) are the eastern part of the Slovenian Prealps. They are oriented in the east-west direction and are located to the north and south of the Sava River in central and eastern Slovenia, among the Ljubljana Basin to the west, the Celje Basin to the north, the Lower Carniola valley system and the Krško Basin to the south, and the Sotla Hills to the east.


Fun & sports

Your stay in Zasavje can be spiced up with the sport activities that you will never forget. For start you can try rafting on the river Sava, where you will rush on rapids from Zagorje ob Savi and all the way to Hrastnik.


History & culture

Trbovlje used to be a small village, surrounding a church. The town started to develop in the beginning of the 19th century when deposits of brown coal were discovered in the region. With the development of coal-mining Trbovlje became a true mining and industrial centre. Several miners' colonies were built to give shelter to workers and their families. Even though today Trbovlje still looks like an industrial town, it is starting to focus on its attractive natural surroundings.



The chimney is a part of Power plant company Trbovlje and is 360m tall, which got a title of the highest building in Slovenia and highest chimney in Europe. According to the plans of the German company Karrena, was built in 1976 with purpose to reduce pollution by sulfur dioxide in river Sava valley.



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