Location: Slovenj Gradec (Europe)
Location: Slovenj Gradec (Slovenia)

About Slovenj Gradec...

The name of the town was first mentioned in 1091. The town developed between Mount Uršlja gora and the western Pohorje mountain range at the confluence of the Mislinja and Suhodolnica rivers. Its history is rich and linked with that of Stari trg where Roman settlement of Colatio was built. more

Slovenj Gradec was founded by the Counts of Andechs and then experienced turbulent centuries passing from one owner to another while its crafts and commerce flourished. With the granting of city rights, Slovenj Gradec acquired walls, fair privileges, a court, and its own mint. Commerce and crafts were joined by the arts. Today's Slovenj Gradec continues the tradition of the past; numerous exhibitions and events have brought international fame, and in 1989, the town was given the honorary title of Peace Mesenger City.

Source: Mestna občina Slovenj Gradec


Koroška, in words of its regular explorers and adrenalin-enjoyers, is “an originality of small treasures and nooks in wilderness in the middle of industrial world – as if it were at the end of the world when it actually is at the cross-road of Europe”.


Fun & sports

In past years several theme routes were established in Slovenj Gradec and its surroundings. Beside recreation and enjoying the nature everyone of theme has its special theme: to show tourists, travellers, circlers local specialties...


History & culture

The parish church, consecrated in 1251 to St. Elizabeth, stands in the centre of the town core of Slovenj Gradec, on the axis of the main town transversal and market street. Its foundation was a Romanesque nave that was Gothicised around 1400.



Numerous cultural events take place in Slovenj Gradec throughout the year.



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