Location: Gyps Fulvus (Europe)
Location: Gyps Fulvus (Croatia)

Cres, Croatia – Eco center Caput Insulae, Beli

The eco center in the village of Beli on the island Cres is a research and educational center for environmental protection. It was established in 1993 under the leadership of Dr. Sci. Goran Sušić. One of its main goals is to reach a harmonius cohabitation of human beings and nature. The center is active in protecting natural diversity and retaining cultural and historical heritage of this area.

One of the most important activities in the center is the protection of the griffon vulture, which is an important natural feature of the island Cres and of Croatia. The ornithological station within the Eco Center has an important role in preserving the population of the griffon vulture, which are protected. Within the center they study these magnificent birds, mark them and take care of the youngs and the sick ones.

Griffon vultures

They are different from other birds of prey, but at first glance they somehow resemble them with their curved beak. Birds of prey (the "daily" birds, typical representatives being eagles, hawks, falcons, etc. and the "night" birds, which are owls) catch their prey in the air or on the ground, killing it by a blow or tightening of claws and eating it by using the beak, while holding it with their legs or with the claws.

Griffon Vulture – an identity card

The feathers change their colour over the years. One-year-old birds are dark brown, their beaks are black, and the collar feathers are dark brown, long, swaying and arrow-shaped. The head and neck are covered with short white feathers, quite different from that of the adult birds.

Who and what threatens griffon vultures

Over the last years, the number of birds of prey has been decreasing at an alarming rate all over the world, the main reasons being contamination of their habitat and their food (animals) by pesticides, destruction of their habitat, as well as direct or indirect killing (guns, poison, electricity, wind blades, hunger, etc.).


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