There are many places in the world where you can immerse into the depths and forget about reality even for a short time. However, there are few places where natural beauties and historical heritage are complemented so perfectly.

In addition to the exceptionally rich flora and fauna, the big blue of the Medulin Riviera treasures a great number of sunken ships. These shipwrecks present a real treat for diving lovers. Choose one of the many diving centers that will take you on such an adventure, or offer you diving courses if you are a beginner.

Source: TZO Medulin

Windsurfing & Kitesurfing

The far south of Istria, being surrounded by the sea on three sides, abounds in winds throughout the year and not a day goes by when the sea is calm.

The gale force south wind jugo, northeastern wind bura, strong north wind tramontana or the landward breeze maestral during the summer months - those are climatic features of this area that attract a large number of windsurfing lovers.

Over the last years kitesurfing or kiteboarding is becoming increasingly popular on the Riviera.

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Sailing along the islands of the Medulin archipelago and the many bays and coves of Kamenjak offers a magical experience and chance to escape from the hectic reality.

This is where we finally understand the true meaning of the ancient saying: "Navigare necesse est, vivere non est necesse." (Sailing is a necessity, but living isn't.

The Riviera has two smaller, but high quality marinas that provide full services ranging from berths, boat storage on land, boat and yacht charter, and everything else needed for this sport and pastime.

Source: TZO Medulin

Other sports on water

During the warm summer months set off to explore Medulin's blueness with top quality sports equipment that you can hire at our beaches. Rent a boat and discover the exceptional beauty of beaches of the Medulin Riviera, rent a pedal boat and enjoy the fascinating view from the sea. If you are looking for adventure with a little more adrenaline, then be sure to try banana boat rides or fun tubes. You can also enjoy water skiing, windsurfing or the increasingly popular jet ski. Another way to explore Medulin's azure is to try parasailing.

Medulin truly offers endless possibilities for an activity holiday surrounded by the natural beauties of this area.

Source: TZO Medulin

Mountain bike

Medulin Riviera has one of the most beautiful mountain bike trails in Istria. The landscape on this 60 kilometer long trail alternates rapidly: idyllic villages, groves and small forests, hilltops offering breathtaking views, narrow paths meandering between the coastal strip of Kamenjak and dense macchia filling the air with an aromatic fragrance of Mediterranean plants…

Medulin Riviera: This trail takes you to all 7 towns of the Medulin Riviera and its most attractive natural beauties. Unlike the other mentioned bike trails, Medulin Riviera, which also has navigation, is signposted all along the route. Since the main trail consists of 4 smaller circular trails, you need to choose and then follow the given numbers on them.

Trails: Medulin Riviera:  number 315, length 60 km, Medulinka:  number 317, length 14 km, Premanturka: number 316, length 11 km, Banjolka:  number 319, length 14 km, Orchid:  (no number on trail, only signposts) length 13 km

Source: TZO Medulin


Medulin and Pula together make an ideal center for the preparations of all athletic events. Medulin with its 14 kilometers of cross-country trails, most of which are by the sea, and a circular athletic field (slag) ideal for the training of long distance runners. There are also well-maintained shot put, discus and hammer throw areas, gym and fitness center.

Pula has a tartan surface athletic stadium equipped for all field events (high jump, long jump, hurdles, pole vault, javelin runway) that couples the offer of Medulin and enables athletes' complete training. Athletic federations of Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany and Austria are permanent guests of this well-known sports center.

Source: TZO Medulin


No one can say for sure when exactly people started to play tennis, but everybody knows that today it is now one of the most popular sports and a favourite recreation activity, gladly played and enjoyed by everyone, regardless of sex or age.

Thanks to its mild climate, Medulin offers ideal conditions to tennis enthusiasts who want to enjoy the "white sport" throughout the year. But tennis on the Medulin Riviera is not only a sport or a recreation activity, it is a truly special experience.

Our earth and concrete tennis courts are located near the seashore, which will provide you with a perfect setting and atmosphere you will always gladly remember while relaxing with your favourite sport.

Source: TZO Medulin


Medulin and Istria are still developing their identity of a golf destination. Only 1 kilometer before entering the town of Medulin lies the golf driving range of Golf Club Medulin where you can practice playing golf on a grass surface measuring 150m x 300m. The driving range is equipped with golf driving mats with artificial grass, pitching and chipping nets, sand trap and green.

Source: TZO Medulin

Horseback riding

Medulin has two ranches for horseback riding, both for organized riding and trekking for experienced riders or riding school. A unique experience that is hard to match is riding by the sea with a view of the big blue.

Source: TZO Medulin


Football fields in the vicinity of the Hotel Belvedere surely attract football federations and clubs to organize preparations at the Sports center Medulin. All football fields, altogether six of them, are situated at an ideal distance of 100 to 500 meters, and are used exclusively by teams that have sports preparations at the center.

In addition to this, the Hotel Belvedere also provides other facilities needed for optimum preparations: athletes have at their disposal a gym and fitness center, heated indoor swimming pool (33x15 m) and sauna.

Since there are many football clubs in the hotel during sports preparations, it is possible to organize friendly matches with equal opponents and licensed referees of the local county football association. Several pages would be needed to list all the football clubs that have chosen Medulin for their preparations. However, the fact that some 200 clubs from all parts of Europe pass through this center every year speaks for itself.

Source: TZO Medulin

Excursions by boat

To complete the leisure during your stay in Medulin we offer you a half-day boat trip. To complete the leisure during your stay in Medulin we offer you a half-day boat trip.

The boat trip starts in Medulin (from the Harbour). The trip begins with panoramic view of Medulin's archipelago. After one-hour ride the boat arrives to the southernmost point of Istria - park of Nature Kamenjak, where cliffs and underwater caves can be found. You can go swimming into the caves, followed by a member of the crew. The ride continues to Porer, the former austro-hungarian Lighthouse, built in 1846. The trip is ending with the two hour hold on (sunbathing, swimming) on one of the islands of the Medulin archipelago.

Source: TZO Medulin

Coasteering Adventure

Cliff climbing, jumping and diving, walking and running along the coast,swimming, orienteering - all these activities are included in coasteering. (period Mar 01 - Nov 31)

Coasteering includes: safety instructions, taking the equipment, coasteering adventure, photographing cliff jumping and adrenaline fun!

Duration: 4 hours. To take: swimsuit, sneakers you don't mind getting wet and towel.

Source: TZO Medulin

Tandem skydiving jumps

Experience the Medulin Riviera in a unique breathtaking way! Tandem parachute jump from up to 3,000 meters above the phenomenal Medulin archipelago.

We offer as an additional option a DVD with photo and video footage of Your jump...because...what ever is not recorded didn t happen!

Source: TZO Medulin

Panoramic Flights

You can admire Medulin and its surroundings with DELIĆ AIR panoramic flights.

It is also possible to visit Dubrovnik, Venice, Split, etc, and if you need fast transportation DELIĆ AIR also provides air-taxi service. If you have your own private plane, you can keep it at the Medulin sports airport.

Source: TZO Medulin

Fun fact: Submarine Medulin - Experience Medulin area in a semiSUBMARINE! Your vacation in Istria can now be rounded by undersea sightseeing of Medulin bay. During the semiSUBMARINE ride you will encounter the rich undersea fauna and flora world of the beautiful Medulin landscape. It is a unique experience for the whole family ...

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