Medulin's unique sandy beach Bijeca, one kilometer long, attracts families with young children. Nature lovers prefer campsites where they can relax in the shade of century old pine trees. Medulin is also the perfect place for naturists who want to feel nature. There is also plenty of entertainment and fun until the early morning hours for the younger generation.

During your stay in this area with a rich fishing tradition discover the delights of homemade dishes - crab salad, black risotto or brodetto. Or if you prefer a meat menu you can try Istrian prosciutto, "fuži" pasta with veal sauce or perhaps aromatic specialties prepared with highly prized truffles.

If you are seeking adventure, visit one of the many small islands of the Medulin archipelago - Ceja, Levan or Bodulaš. Or go fishing with the local fishermen or dive into the stillness of the underwater world. Perhaps you would like to see it all from above? Then choose a panoramic flight by sports plane. Don't miss the old windmills by the sea, archaeological site Vižule with remains of Roman villas or an unforgettable walk to the Medulin pond with ducks. There is a wide selection and it's up to you to choose.

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cThe greatest part of Premantura's accommodation offer is concentrated in four well-equipped campsites. The best way to experience this unique landscape is in direct contact with nature. Your hosts also offer private accommodation in apartments. If you are looking for Robinsonian adventure there is a unique and special offer - lighthouse on the small island Porer that may be rented in summer. When visiting Cape Kamenjak, don't miss its southernmost tip where a great attraction is jumping into the sea from high cliffs with torches.

Premantura is a unique experience, not simply one of the places to rest. Owing to the favorable winds it is ideal for water sports in summer, but also until late autumn. At the end of October the attractive meeting of windsurfers - Hallowind takes place. For those who wish to dive into the fascinating underwater world, there are many diving centers in town.

This is one of the few destinations with a beach for the visually impaired. It is important to stress that Premantura provides a private dialysis clinic so it is suitable for guests needing such treatment. Premantura is a small town offering many surprises. Premantura is an adventure.

Source: TZO Medulin

Pjescana Uvala

The architecture of entire Pješcana Uvala, as well as the Church of St. Nicholas the Traveler, is completely modern. Built in the form of a ship, a combination of white and blue, the church completely dominates the settlement from its hilltop location. The hillside above the bay gently slopes towards the southwest and is exposed to the sun all day. The climate is mild in winter and the settlement is sheltered from the wind.

For this reason one of the best equipped marinas in Croatia has been built nearby, in the direction of Veruda Bay. It provides 650 berths on 18 piers and 250 boat places on land. All piers are under video surveillance, the marina has a 30t crane, 25t hydraulic yard trailer, and boaters can also have Internet access. The marina is modernized each year. Marina guests are mostly Germans, Austrians and Italians.

Source: TZO Medulin


The multiculturalism of Istria is best felt in its gastronomy which is the result of Italian, Germanic and Slavic influences, bearing in mind at the same time its Mediterranean setting.

The Italian influence can best be felt in seafood dishes (fish, clams, crabs, scampi), especially in the combination with different types of pasta, whereas other influences are felt in the rural cuisine.

However, the true significance of Istrian cuisine is the use of high-quality ingredients in cooking such as: Istrian prosciutto, truffles and the famed Istrian olive oil, considered to be one of the world's best, praised and awarded at international competitions over the last years.

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The Medulin Riviera has two smaller marinas providing complete service for boaters: from berths with accompanying services and amenities, boat storage on land and charter service.

Source: TZO Medulin

Fun fact: Kamenjak - Swimming and sunbathing in the area of this protected landscape is truly a wonderful experience. This is the southernmost part of the Istrian Peninsula, covering an area of approximately 404 hectares and surrounded by 30 km of coastline dotted withnumerous coves and miniature beaches. The world-famous travel guide Lonely Planet includes Kamenjak on the list of the most secluded beaches, ranking Kamenjak as one of the most private spots in the Mediterranean. You can reach Kamenjak by car, bike or boat. The protected landscape is open from 7 am - 9 pm.

Source: TZO Medulin


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