The waters of the national park of Brijuni are extraordinary for scuba diving, which is organised through guided groups of divers that can view and photograph the seabed of the national park.

As far as diving is concerned there is a wide choice of themes and depths and every demand can be met. The physical articulation of the archipelago, its islets, rocks and shoals, the indented coastline and the different exposition of bays, capes and passages to squalls and waves and the different kinds of rocky and sedimentary sea beds point to the fact that in this relatively small area (around 40km2) many species of marine organism can be seen. The seabed of the national park of Brijuni, by its primary characteristics, does not vary from other areas of the northern Adriatic.

The diversity and the density of populations and the preservation of natural habitats are its main values. Particularly rich and diverse is the fish stock that prospers protected from overfishing. The fish populations are by their density and the size of single specimens representative. Besides the common, commercial species like two-banded breams, groupers, dentexes, forkbeards, black umbers etc., there are numerous and beautiful fish from the blenny and labrid species. The fish fauna makes the waters of Brijuni unique and different from other parts of the Adriatic.

The area of Brijuni is the only island group in the northern Adriatic that has resisted the harmful consequences of industry and the expansion of tourism, which again makes it very unique. Its waters are the refuge and "nursery" for many plant and animal species, which under the influence of pollution, tourism and overfishing are quickly disappearing in other parts of western Istria and northern Adriatic.

Source: National Park Brijuni

The Educational Underwater Trail

The educational underwater trail in Verige Bay on the southern side of Veli Brijun offers unique experience of visiting natural and archaeological sites of the exceptionally rich and well preserved marine world of Brijuni National Park. The approximately 500 metres long trail is not particularly demanding. In fact, it has been designed to appeal to users of all ages who can swim and use a diving mask and the snorkel. The tour lasts 45 minutes and includes swimming and underwater sightseeing at small depths using an audio guide and educational panels set up at various experiential points. Visitors are introduced to the exceptionally valuable contents that may only be seen by means of diving into the sea such as the well-known hydro-archaeological site - a part of the ancient complex of a sumptuous Roman villa from the first century submerged under the sea due to rising sea levels. There are numerous populations of fish, sea cucumbers, sea urchins, algae, sea sponges, crabs and shellfish and the especially attractive noble pen shell, a rare and endangered endemic species strictly protected by law. 

Beside visual perceptions, the tour is special as it offers an audio guide in the sea. Using special snorkels with the in-built receiver on their underwater tour, visitors listen to expert guides. The information is broadcasted from the coast to the snorkels, and the sound is transmitted through vibrations and bone conduction. The audio guide is available in Croatian, Italian, English and German, complete with music accompaniment.

Aimed at protecting the flora and the fauna of the marine world and preventing any damage inflicted on the sea creatures and hydro-archaeological sites, the educational underwater trail tour is carried out exclusively in small group sizes.  Children under the age of 12 must have appropriate adult supervision. Visitors shall be given the necessary snorkelling gear (diving masks and snorkels), with a possibility to rent underwater cameras.

Source: National Park Brijuni


In your golf career, have you ever played golf in the company of deer, mouflon, rabbits and peacocks? Have you ever putt on sand greens? If you are looking for a completely new experience for playing golf, then the Brijuni golf course should definitely be your next destination. On Brijuni golf is played on a unique golf course dating from 1922, which then acquired the flattering title of one of the largest and naturally most beautiful golf courses of that time. But, what most attracts golfers to Brijuni is the unique setting and atmosphere of this golf course. On the reconstructed 18 holes of the onetime largest golf course in Europe, you can still experience the enchantment of playing amid untouched nature. This rightfully dubbed  environmental friendly golf course is truly impressive. The golf course is maintained without any machinery, no pesticides are used, it is not even watered so that greenery of the golf course depends on weather conditions.

Source: National Park Brijuni


This sport also has a very long tradition on Brijuni. There were once six tennis courts, today the number has been reduced to four. In summer tennis can be played here already after 3 pm since  tennis courts are in the deep shade of century-old pines. And when in other places along the coast one only thinks of refreshing cocktails, here the conditions for playing tennis are favorable indeed. However, the perfect time to play is in the early evening when herds of deer come out to graze, moving freely around the tennis courts.

For every category of tennis players we offer the following programmes: tennis school for individual person or group of 2, 3 or 4 persons,  working (preparations and training) with tennis players of all categories,  leasing of the tennis-courts to clubs and tennis-agencies for camps all year round.

Source: National Park Brijuni

Other activities

Electric cars: The other means of transportation on Brijuni is surely the electric car. Its original purpose of making it easier for golf players to get around slowly changed, so the electric car has become a means of transportation for guests in the distant luxury villas, for VIP guests on island tours or simply for those who want to save their energy while looking for the perfect secluded beach on the island.

Bicycles: The best way to experience the enchanting beauty of  Brijuni National Park is in morning and evening walks. But, if you want to intensify your activities then we suggest bike riding. No wonder that the 300 bikes at disposal sometimes are not enough in high season. Bike riding along the 24 km of asphalt trails is a wonderful experience. But, for adventure lovers, in search of extreme sports, real challenge awaits them - from unpaved trails to extreme downhill runs. There's also a possibility of organizing special programs for them in cooperation with specialized agencies.

Other sports and recreation activities offered on the island:bow and arrow , badminton , boccie etc.

Source: National Park Brijuni


Brijuni - paradise for boaters! Every year Brijuni  is becoming more popular and attractive as a destination for boaters, who spend several days on the island relaxing and enjoying the rich variety of offer. When you arrive on the island the CONCIERGE SERVICE STAFF will do its best to make your stay on the island as interesting and pleasant as possible: from organizing excursions by electric cars or bikes, playing golf, tennis, to gala lunches or dinners at unique locations, at sunset or with flambeaus...

Mali Brijun – the new nautical destination! St. Nicolas bay on the Island of Mali Brijun is the new nautical destination inside Brijuni archipelago. Mali Brijun with the suface of cca 100 ha once was forming part of Veli Brijun. Today these dwo islands are divided by Tisnac channel which is 120 m wide and 2-3 m deep. Low-lying shore of Mali Brijun is full of shingle beaches and gentle bays… Choose yours, surrounded by silence that is completed with summer sounds; nobody around you, maybe just in the next bay…

Source: National Park Brijuni

Fun fact: The best way to experience the enchanting beauty of  Brijuni National Park is in morning and evening walks. But, if you want to intensify your activities then we suggest bike riding or sightseeing tours.

Source: National Park Brijuni


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