Promenade of Dinosaurs

The Brijuni Archipelago is today certainly one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Croatia. Th e paleontological fi ndings of the dinosaurs, the magnifi cent “horrible reptiles” which ruled planet Earth for more than 160 million years (from Late Triassic period, about 220 million years ago, to the end of the Cretaceous period 65 million years ago when they went extinct. They are undoubtedly one of the prime issues of the socalled scientifi c tourism.

Source: National Park Brijuni

Cultural and historical heritage

The archipelago of Brijuni is an extraordinary blend of natural, historical and cultural heritage. The mild climate and the favourable geographical conditions, deep retracted bays and easily defendable elevated fortifications, have secured a continuum in the human activity on the island from a pre-historic age until the present day. On a relatively small archipelago, of an area of around 7km2, have been registered some hundred sites and buildings of archaeological and cultural-historical value and which comprise the period from the first Neolithic settlements, the dugouts in the bay of Soline, until the creation of an elite summer and health resort at the beginning of the last century and the presidential residency visited by statesmen from one third of the world’s countries in its 25 years of existence (1954-1979)

Source: National Park Brijuni

Catering Offer

Catering offer on Brijuni Islands starting from 19th century until the present day draws attention. It evokes on a rich food offer and high-quality service, relax and harmony with a dose of mysticism and desire to peek inside the world of trendy resort.

The founder of the flourishing of Brijuni Islands and tourism was Paul Kupelwieser. In the hotels many members of the European jet-set stayed, feasting in a charming luxury of the restaurants and splendid terraces situated next to the beach, enjoying in the gastronomic skills of the best culinary experts.

In the middle of the last century when the dust of evanescence and war havoc settled above the hotels, Josip Broz Tito decided to return the old dazzle and glamour. Gastronomic and wine experts prepared fancy foods appropriate for the new era and selected taste of the worldwide elite that visited Brijuni.

Today, at the beginning of the new millennium the Brijuni cattering offer aspires toward new trends of enjoying food and drink, and locations where the food is prepared and served are linked with the rich Brijuni history. Although the culinary skills and culture of food and drink have been changing during the history, in some special occasions today is possible to prepare some meals based on recipes from the rich Brijuni history and with them it is possible to awake the visitor’s imagination.

Source: National Park Brijuni

Fun fact: Meet the Mascot! »I am European shag and will be your local guide on the Brijuni Islands. We like it a lot here. One of the largest nesting sites in Croatia is right here on the Brijuni Islands! There are a lot of us. You can see us in the sea or on the rocks, taking a rest and drying out our wings! We are fishing and diving experts!«

Source: National Park Brijuni


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